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Kumari Ending Explained

Unlocking the Mysteries of Kumari: A Comprehensive Ending Explanation
 Kumari Ending Explained

Ever since "Tumbbad" redefined the fantasy folklore genre, numerous films have ventured into exploring mythical narratives and creatures. "Kumari" belongs to this category and unfolds the compelling tale of a woman determined to break free from her husband's family's dark rituals. Directed by Nirmal Sahadev, this Malayalam-language film features a cast that includes Aishwarya Lekshmi, Shine Tom Chacko, Swasika, Surabhi Lakshmi, and Spadikam George. For those who have enjoyed the film, we delve into its ending in detail.

Kumari' Ending, Explained: What Is Lord Thuppan's Story And Chattan's  Curse? How Does Kumari Save Her Child? | Film Fugitives

Plot Overview of 'Kumari': The Legend of Lord Thuppan and the Curse of Chattan

The story begins with an elderly woman recounting a legend to her grandson about a goddess who fell in love with the Earth and married a human, resulting in the birth of monstrous offspring known as Chattans. According to her lore, these beings were neither gods nor humans. The goddess, in response to their quest for power, cursed them to be buried underground and abandoned them in the forests. The goddess herself departed to a celestial realm. Centuries later, sinister powers and prayers awaken the dormant Chattans, and they seek to wreak havoc upon the world.

The narrative shifts to a time when landlords held dominion over a poverty-stricken village, determining the fate of the laborers who toiled on their lands. Chokkan, a young boy, frequently seeks food at the illam (home) of Lord Thuppan. These landlords, particularly Lord Thuppan, exhibit cruelty, especially regarding those of lower caste, as caste discrimination is prevalent in the society. Chokkan is a close friend of Illymala Chattan, as he provides fresh meat for the latter to consume. One fateful day, Lord Thuppan, in a fit of rage, kills Chokkan, which incites the wrath of Illymala Chattan, who seeks vengeance for the boy's death. Thuppan's actions reflect the harsh reality of a society that devalues those from lower castes. He believes his actions will go unpunished due to his perceived power.

Illymala Chattan begins to unleash terror upon the Kaanhirangat village, causing droughts and calamities that devastate the villagers' livelihoods. Some suffer from painful blisters covering their bodies. The villagers attribute these disasters to Chattan. Crops wither, and men in the family succumb to death. Lord Thuppan's family also falls victim to this curse, with the scars and boils appearing on his body. To mitigate the catastrophe, Thuppan resorts to a blood ritual to summon Gari Devan, a powerful demigod. Thuppan can no longer bear the suffering, and he believes that his actions will have consequences. His son is sacrificed, and peace returns to the village and family. Gari Devan safeguards them from Chattan, but the cost is high. Thuppan's wife, burdened by guilt, takes her own life, leaving Thuppan barely clinging to life, bound by the ritual that ensures he remains alive, despite seeking death.

Decades later, Kumari is born into an aristocratic landlord family on the other side of Kerala. She and her brother become orphans after their parents' deaths and are raised by their aunt and uncle. Kumari receives a marriage proposal from Dhruvan, the younger son of the Kaanhirangat family. With little choice, she accepts the proposal, although her brother is wary due to the family's curse. After marriage, Kumari becomes aware of the family's dark rituals and is determined to understand their significance. Dhruvan, traumatized by his upbringing and mistreatment by the villagers, becomes reclusive and is perceived as mentally unstable. Kumari empathizes with him, cares for him, and reciprocates his love. Dhruvan's mental state is a consequence of traditional gender roles and expectations imposed upon him as a young boy. All authority is vested in his elder brother, and Dhruvan, the quiet one, becomes a target for harassment and abuse by the villagers. He becomes the heir apparent when his elder brother is alive. Dhruvan, now holding significant power, begins to misuse it, much to Kumari's dismay.

'Kumari' Ending Explained: How Kumari Saves Her Child

Meanwhile, Kumari explores the forest surrounding Dhruvan's home and ventures into the forbidden section, where she encounters the spirit of Chokkan, who beckons her to follow. Her sister-in-law stops her and shares the story of Lord Thuppan's grave mistake in killing Chokkan. Intrigued, Kumari defies the prohibition and meets a tribal woman named Muthamma. Muthamma reveals that Kumari is pregnant and that Illymala Chattan is determined to protect her child at any cost. Confused, Kumari returns to the village and is taken care of by her sister-in-law. A local doctor confirms her pregnancy, bringing joy to everyone except Dhruvan's brother and sister-in-law. Kumari is delighted that her love for Dhruvan is bearing fruit, and their trust in each other begins to grow. However, she is puzzled by the lack of happiness from Dhruvan's family. Her sister-in-law finally reveals the family's dark secret: when Lord Thuppan invoked Gari Devan to protect his family and village, the demigod demanded a human sacrifice. This entailed offering their firstborn son. Thuppan's wife resisted, but Thuppan was resolute in his desire to save the land and himself. The son was sacrificed, bringing peace to the village and family. Thuppan's wife, consumed by guilt, took her own life, while Thuppan, kept alive by the ritual, longed for death. Kumari soon realizes that she is expected to offer her child for the upcoming ritual, and her husband and uncle are determined to see it through. She refuses to surrender her child and is ready to confront anyone to protect her offspring and spare Dhruvan the same fate as Lord Thuppan. Kumari is driven by her love for Dhruvan and her determination to rectify her family's past mistakes and treat the workers and villagers with the respect they deserve. She believes it's time for them to acknowledge their errors and learn from them. The film concludes with her toddler son inadvertently wandering into the forbidden forest, guided by the spirit of Chokkan.

Final Thoughts

"Kumari" is a unique film that captivates with its compelling first half but falters in the second. It skillfully introduces and develops its characters, setting a tone of fear and superstition. The film delves into the theme of women sacrificing their loved ones for the power men seek. Kumari, resolute in her determination, seeks to protect her child and confronts the horrors of her husband's family's past. The film, despite some flaws and pacing issues in the second half, pushes the boundaries of the horror fantasy genre by revisiting traditional stories and weaving them into a narrative that empowers women to take control of their bodies and lives. The cinematography by Abraham Joseph is exceptional, and the lead actors, Aishwarya Lekshmi and Shine Tom Chacko, deliver strong performances. "Kumari" is a captivating watch that challenges the genre's limits.

"Kumari" is a 2022 horror thriller film available on Netflix with subtitles.