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Maidaan Ending Explained!!

"Maidaan" Ending Explained: How Does Ajay Devgn's Film Conclude?


"Maidaan" is a gripping sports drama that brings to life the inspiring story of Syed Abdul Rahim, the coach and manager of the Indian national football team from 1950 to 1963. Directed by Amit Ravindernath Sharma and starring Ajay Devgn as Rahim, the movie delves into the journey of Indian football's golden era and the challenges faced by its coach. Despite its compelling storyline and well-executed performances, the film's box office collection has been below expectations, but it has garnered praise for its authentic portrayal of Rahim's life and career.

The Beginning: Challenges in the Indian Football Team

The film starts with the Indian football team's crushing defeat against Yugoslavia at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. This loss leads to criticism from the football community, with journalist Roy Chaudhary and members of the football federation blaming Syed Abdul Rahim for the team's poor performance. Rahim addresses the federation, highlighting several crucial issues, including the lack of proper football footwear for the players and the disparity in match duration between domestic tournaments and Olympic matches. He also emphasizes the need to scout talent from across India, instead of focusing solely on players from West Bengal.

Despite resistance from Shubankar Sengupta, a federation member, Rahim secures the freedom to choose his players. He embarks on a journey to recruit fresh talent, beginning with Tulsidas Balram, a young player from Secunderabad with immense potential but limited stamina. He continues to build a team with players from different regions, including PK Banerjee from West Bengal.

The Journey to the 1962 Asian Games

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Over the years, Rahim's efforts pay off as the Indian team improves significantly. The team participates in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, achieving a respectable fourth place, and later in the 1960 Olympics, where they draw against the formidable French team. Despite these achievements, the federation's support wavers, with Shubhankar Sengupta and Roy Chaudhary orchestrating Rahim's dismissal after the 1960 Olympics. Rahim's health deteriorates as he battles cancer, leading him to focus on spending time with his family.

However, his wife, Saira, urges him to return to coaching, reigniting his passion to lead the Indian team once more. Despite resistance from Sengupta, Rahim manages to regain his position, setting the stage for the team's participation in the 1962 Asian Games in Jakarta. Just before the Games, a setback occurs as the Indian government withdraws funding, influenced by Roy Chaudhary's manipulations. Rahim manages to secure the necessary support through a meeting with Morarji Desai, the then Finance Minister.

The Climax: India's Triumph at the Asian Games

The 1962 Asian Games bring new challenges, as the Indian team loses their first match against South Korea after their goalkeeper, Peter Thangaraj, is injured. However, the team rebounds, eventually reaching the finals to face South Korea again. In a thrilling turn of events, the Indian football team wins the gold medal, marking a historic achievement for Indian football.

The film concludes with the Indian flag being raised on foreign soil, symbolizing the success and determination of Rahim and his team. "Maidaan" captures the essence of Syed Abdul Rahim's legacy and the importance of persistence, resilience, and courage in the face of adversity. Despite the obstacles he faced, Rahim's unwavering commitment to his team and his vision for Indian football ultimately led to one of the most memorable moments in Indian sports history.