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Meaning Of Pluviophile? 6 Interesting Signs You Are One

Know About Meaning Of Pluviophile and Some Interesting Signs That You Are One

Is Someone A Pluviophile? What Does "pluviophile" Mean?
While I myself enjoy winter, there are many who prefer to rain throughout the year.

Someone who finds solace, happiness, and mental tranquility on rainy days is known as a pluviophile. Do you find yourself becoming thrilled when it starts to rain, running outside to get wet, thinking it's romantic, and finding comfort in the rain on a physical, emotional, and mental level? So you're a pluviophile.

What is the meaning of words - pluviophile , bibliophile?Why are they not  mentioned in my latest Oxford dictionary? - Quora

"Philos" is the Greek word for "love." Quality is indicated by the "ia" suffix. Thus, the attribute of feeling love for a particular circumstance or thing is known as "philia" (or "filia" in English). Similarly, "pluvial" (meaning "from rain or related to it") is the root of the word "pluvium." The affection, fondness, or unique attraction is called pluviophilia.The love, affection, or unique attraction to rain and all things related to it is known as pluviophilia. However, don't use the word "philia" too literally. It does not indicate a medically necessary case of clinical discomfort.

A pluviophile must fulfill certain requirements. Enjoy the rain's appearance, touch, smell, and sound in all of its forms.

These are signs that your are a Pluviophile-

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1. The Sound of Rain Feels Like Home: There's something that simply speaks to you about the soft patter of raindrops. Like a well-known tune, it instantly makes you feel comfortable. You wouldn't get bored listening to it all day.

2. You Can't Refuse the Need to Go Outside: You feel guilty about staying inside when it starts to rain. Like a magnet, you are pulled to the rain and yearn for the feeling of being drenched from head to toe. You're always eager to jump right in on rainy days, which are your playground.

3. You Are Drawn to Petrichor's Aroma: You adore everything that comes with the rain, not just the rain itself. After a rainstorm, the earthy scent of moist soil is similar to perfume.For you, nothing is more blissful than taking a stroll in the rain and inhaling that heady aroma.

4. Rain soothes Your Soul: When it rains, you have a deep sense of tranquility. With every drop, it feels as though all of your anxieties and problems are being swept away. Rain pattering against your window is nature's lullaby, lulling you into a peaceful frame of mind.

5. You See Beauty in Grey Skies: You view rainy days differently than others do, despite their obvious drawbacks. You find a certain kind of beauty in the gloomy, melancholy skies, which serves as a reminder of the cycles of nature. Nothing is more enjoyable to you than cuddling up by the window and absorbing the rain.

6. Simply Observing the Rain from the Comfort of Your house Brings You delight: Observing the rain from the comfort of your house brings you delight even if you're not out in the thick of it. It makes you feel amazed and appreciative to see the entire planet covered with water. You can't help but feel better when you see that.