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Mirzapur Season 3 Ending Explained

Mirzapur Season 3: A New Tragedy 

As anticipated, the third season of Mirzapur has delivered another intense, blood-soaked, and unpredictable ride, maintaining the high-stakes drama of the previous two seasons. Premiering on July 5, the latest season transports viewers back to the gritty streets of Mirzapur, a town in Uttar Pradesh notorious for its gang wars and rampant violence.

‘Mirzapur 3’ Introduces a New Anti-Hero

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The series continues to introduce new characters but remains centered on Guddu Pandit, one of the last remaining members of the Pandit family, chronicling his descent into madness.

In this season, Guddu distances himself from his remaining family and friends, hitting rock bottom. At one point, he addresses his gang, stating, "Gunda artharth jindagi se maut tak le jaane waala karmachari - toh gunda bano…” (A goon is an official who brings death to the living, so be a goon.)

Guddu's moral decay is evident as he struggles to be a benevolent leader. His ally, Golu, advises him to use "buddhi" (intellect) and "bal" (strength) to maintain his power.

Does Kaleen Bhaiyya Die?

Mirzapur season 3 review: Blood, betrayal, badassery - The Statesman

For those loyal to Kaleen Bhaiyya, there's good news: he survives. Sharad Shukla takes him to a safe location, and in return, Kaleen promises to declare Sharad the king of Mirzapur. However, in a shocking twist, Kaleen shoots Sharad after announcing him as king. Following Sharad's death, Kaleen declares that no one will be king of Mirzapur and begins eliminating all the Baahubalis (goons) present.

The final scene is both gruesome and poetic, showing Sharad's corpse on the throne, symbolizing that his long-held dream was realized only for a brief moment.

Why Did Kaleen Bhaiyya Kill Sharad?

MIRZAPUR Season 3 Ending & Post Credit Scene Explained

Despite forming a bond with Sharad after he saved Kaleen’s life and treated him like family, Kaleen ultimately betrays him. This betrayal is implied to be orchestrated by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Madhuri Yadav, who promised Kaleen a reunion with his wife Beena and son, along with revenge against Guddu Pandit, if he could prevent Sharad from gaining power in Purvanchal.

Beena Tripathi's Ambitions

In the post-credit scenes, Beena Tripathi's maid is seen meeting a loyalist of the Tripathi family at a labor camp. It is suggested that Beena is frustrated with her voiceless position as the wife in the Tripathi household and is determined to rise through the ranks and take control of the family's multi-crore business.