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Mithai (Zee Bangla) Serial Cast, Real Names, Timings, Wiki


"Mithai" is a captivating Indian Bengali language television series that first graced screens on January 4, 2021. Directed by the talented Rajendra Prasad Das, the show weaves a delightful tale with elements of drama. The narrative revolves around Mithai, portrayed by the talented Soumitrisha Kundu, a sweet-seller who finds herself frequenting the Modak family's residence to offer her delectable treats. Over time, she forges strong bonds with the members of the Modak family, leading to heartwarming and intriguing developments.

The show is structured as a drama and is underpinned by the creative vision of Saswati Ghosh, who has conceptualized the storyline. The direction by Rajendra Prasad Das ensures that the series unfolds seamlessly, capturing the essence of the characters and their relationships.

The lead cast of "Mithai" is led by Soumitrisha Kundu as Mithai Dutta Modak, infusing the character with charm and authenticity. Alongside her is Adrit Roy, portraying Siddhartha Modak, also known as Sid, adding depth to the narrative with his performance.

The Modak family, central to the storyline, includes notable characters like Samaresh Modak (played by Kaushik Chakraborty), Tilottoma Modak (played by Moyna Mukherjee), Siddheswar Modak (played by Biswajit Chakraborty), and Sushoma Modak (played by Swagata Basu). Each member of the family contributes to the richness of the plot, creating a vibrant and engaging viewing experience.

Other significant characters include Parbati Dutta (played by Boni Mukherjee), Gulmohar Dutta, affectionately known as Gulti (played by Debrishi Chatterjee), Torsha Barat or Tess (played by Tonni Laha Roy), and various other family members and associates. This ensemble cast adds layers of complexity and relatability to the series.

The show's production involves the expertise of the director of photography, Sanju Dutt, ensuring visually appealing scenes that complement the narrative. The editing team, led by Yesu Nath and Biplab Mandal, contributes to the seamless flow of the storyline.

The show is telecast on Zee Bangla every day at 8 pm, with each episode running for approximately 22-25 minutes. Additionally, for those who prefer online streaming, "Mithai" is available on the OTT platform Zee5, providing viewers with the flexibility to catch up on episodes at their convenience.

With its inception dating back to January 4, 2021, "Mithai" has been a significant addition to Bengali television, offering a delightful blend of drama, emotion, and sweet moments. The show's popularity is evidenced by its availability on Zee5, making it accessible to a wider audience. As the narrative continues to unfold, "Mithai" promises to be a compelling and cherished series in the realm of Bengali television.