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MONEY HEIST S4: Worth the hype?

The 4th season of the global hit - Le Casa De Papel(Money Heist) is out on Netflix. Is it worth the hype? Read the review by Asvitha to find out!

Cast: Alvaro Morte, Najwa Nimri, Itziar, Pedro, Alba, Miguel, Jaime, Luka, Paco.

Creators: Alex Pina, Jesus Colmenar.

Streaming Platform: Netflix

The Spanish series took the binge watchers by storm. Originally, named La casa de papel was planned to be a self-contained story. The makers were likely uncertain of such grandeur global reception. From doyen author Stephen king to beloved footballer Neymar the reception was rave. Initially the story was decided to be of just two parts. Initially, it was aired in a Spanish channel- Antenna 3. Then Netflix released it and the series went to nail several records. India also has huge adroit crowd for the series.

The first season(part 1 and 2) had highly interesting plotline that dwelled on both the realism of characters and the surrealism of events. The unconventional screenplay has worked really well. Everything was so perfect with right moves. So many and many more characters rolled in as and when; obviously the frames were noisy with characters. But that’s just not problem. The makers ultimately focused on the impulse and drive. Overtly, one character that excelled was the Professor with his Tony Starkish demeanour. Part 3 already felt like an juxtaposed extension simply put for the presence of it. But it was convincing as well. It was more of tribute to wrongdoings, violence and beasts inside the characters.

The Part 4 indeed had a great moment of hype around because of lockdown. People were struck by boredom from social distancing or felt distress due to reality. It just came in time so as to provide the necessary escapade to the devotees and novel binge watchers. But does it? It’s definitely not recommended for punters with unfamiliarity to the heist world.

The first episode opens with two losses and a panting Professor. He convinces himself to believe a irreconcilable loss. He is as dashing and lovable as previous episodes. Fans get to see a more emotional version himself. The episodes are more of dramatic nature. In fact, voice over of Tokyo supports the point. Episodes retrospect rather than making progression. There are cuts to different time frames but it like standstill cycling.

Talking of the performances and characters they portray, it is unsurprising that the Professor(beloved Alvaro) can coax us to appeal as a typical hero who can handle so many bullets at once(quite ostentatious though). There is no difference or new shade to the except that he is panging at times. Rio’s(Miguel) performance is appreciable but the post trauma byline subdues the pace of the series. Denver(Jaime) is very impressive in the flashback portions were he argues with Professor. Berlin(Pedro) is the most effective in delivering dialogues that are more philosophical. Gandia is a well build villain against the troop. Tokyo’s character and performance just lacks the balance and seems more voluntary than necessary. The several other characters in the jumpsuits pass with decent marks.

On the government’s side is the very spectacular Sierra(Najwa). Her looks remind me of the Animal Control Officer Dubois of Madagascar 3. Her character is written well. Najwa's performance even the slightest lip moves are subtle. Raquel is also worth praise- her romance, her conversation with Sierra and in climax, all are just in prefect proportions. Tamayo and Antonanzas are up to snuff. But the latter visibly drops hint several times with his bit too facial expression which gets a seemingly easy to understand.

The screenplay oscillates to get the narration unconventional and least straightforward. But there are very little efforts to make headway. The kinematic swank is cumbered in vehemence of the sentiments. The sentiments do the work internally within the troop but doesn’t appeal the audience. The pain they undergo are put in more words than appropriate. It doesn’t simply work. The cries, loss, post loss abrasion and sundry of emotions the characters deal with is weak in bringing sympathy. One would feel the adrenaline kings are suppose to surge inside bring gumption rather than half hearted overtures of mawkishness. The portions of struggles with Gandia, Sierra approaching the Professor, the conversations between Sierra and Tamayo the climax involving Raquel are engrossing. Of course, the throwbacks to wedding are gripping too. The voiceover works with clever dialogues and don’t overindulge. Moreover, there are old fashioned scenes like the one in which Tokyo makes Professor to ponder. The makers have comprised higher predictability.

The production was acquired by Netflix. The big spender massively invested on sets, costumes, style, lighting, and details. The quality of visuals and its the color palette was exuberant. On the flip side, the original writer Alex Pina was not included. The music chose to play by customary nuances than trying out unique or fresh approach. ‘We're the Kings of Adrenaline' is the only track that seeks attention.

Final verdict:

To conclude, the fondness part 4 of Money Heist is literally fueled by one’s head over heels for the authentic first season. Otherwise, it’s bit to elongated to bear. That being said, the love for Professor or heist is not down at all. There is some feeling of repetitiveness. We would love a S5 if it satiates or quench for speedy different heist.

- Asvitha S