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Murder In Mahim Is All Set To Release In This Date!!!

Murder in Mahim Trailer: This date marks the debut of Vijay Raaz and Ashutosh Rana's gripping thriller drama
murder in muhim

Murder in Mahim, a thriller drama series starring Ashutosh Rana and Vijay Raaz, is scheduled to debut on JioCinema premium on May 10, 2024.

Vijay Raaz and Ashutosh Rana's upcoming series, Murder in Mahim, is sure to delight viewers. On May 10, 2024, the thriller series will be available on JioCinema Premium. The much awaited trailer for the psychological thriller has finally been published by the producers.

Mahim trailer: Ashutosh Rana and Vijay Raaz's Murder

Ashutosh Rana Vijay Raaz starrer Murder in Mahim digs deep into Mumbais  underbelly
An unsettling murder mystery and Mumbai's underbelly are explored in the teaser, with a particular focus on Peter (Ashutosh Rana) and Jende's (Vijay Raaz) reunion of lost friendship. Directed by Raj Acharya and produced by Tipping Point Films and Jigsaw Pictures, the captivating series is based on the critically acclaimed novel by novelist Jerry Pinto. Shivaji Satam and Shivani Raghuvanshi play important roles in it as well.

A horrific murder at Mahim Station serves as the setting for the series, which centers on Peter's role in this evil investigation. When his own son Sunil is named as a suspect in the case, the stakes increase.

In this context, as Peter and Jende hunt for the murderer and confront their own prejudices along the way, they are drawn into a world of silent love, blackmail, and hidden desires. The show crafts a powerful and captivating experience that explores the intricacies of human nature and the harsh realities of society with every revelation and surprise.

Regarding his part in Murder in Mahim, Ashutosh Rana said, "I get most excited about complex roles." One such figure is Peter. I was able to give Peter more nuance because of his internal conflict as the murder investigation became more intricate. Not only is it a deep murder mystery, but it also has a ton of intricate storylines that reflect the societal stigmas associated with caste, gender, and sexuality with uncommon sensitivity.This show's beauty lies in that.
Ashutosh Rana, Vijay Raaz's investigative drama series 'Murder in Mahim' to  be out on this date - Times of India
"The most fascinating aspect of Jende's character is the various shades to his persona," expressed Vijay Raaz's pleasure as well. Although the investigative sequences show that I tried to give this character a compassionate touch, there is also personal animosity that manifests itself in front of his family. Thus, it was thrilling to develop my character's emotional arc and portray a wide range of emotions on screen."

Murder in Mahim, a gripping suspense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, will debut on JioCinema Premium on May 10, 2024.