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Netizen Slams Kajol For This Reason!!!

Kajol Under Fire for Alleged Rude Behavior Toward Autistic Fan-Waiter at Mumbai Restaurant


Actress Kajol, known for her roles in iconic Bollywood films, is under scrutiny after a recent incident involving an autistic fan-waiter at a high-end restaurant in Juhu, Mumbai. According to a Reddit post shared by BollyBlindsNGossip, the fan's sister recounted a disturbing encounter where Kajol reportedly behaved in a disrespectful manner toward her brother, who is autistic and a devoted fan of the actress.

The post described how the fan-waiter, who usually works backend duties due to his proficiency with numbers, was overjoyed when he had the opportunity to serve Kajol and her friends during their dinner at the restaurant. The fan's sister explained that her brother, who is a huge Kajol fan and watches her movies repeatedly, was overwhelmed with emotion after meeting his favorite actress. He wanted to express his happiness and wish her well, but the response he received from Kajol was not what he expected.

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According to the Reddit post, as the fan-waiter was expressing his feelings, he became emotional and started to cry. Kajol's reaction was allegedly harsh, as she reportedly said, "hogaya? Ab nautanki ban karo aur bill loh!" (translated: "Done? Now stop the drama and bring the bill!"). Moreover, she supposedly complained to the restaurant manager about employing people like him, which left the fan-waiter and his family deeply upset.

The Reddit post drew significant attention, sparking widespread criticism of Kajol's behavior on social media platforms. Many users expressed their disappointment and anger over the actress's alleged lack of empathy. One commenter stated, "She must be the rudest celebrity in the history of Bollywood. Everyone who has met her has only terrible things to say." Others questioned why a celebrity would act in such a dismissive manner toward a fan, especially one with autism.

It's important to note that this incident is based on a single account, and there may be other factors involved. Kajol, or her representatives, have not yet commented on the allegations, leaving room for interpretation. Nonetheless, this story has ignited conversations about how public figures should treat their fans, particularly those with disabilities or special needs.

As the discussion continues to unfold, the incident serves as a reminder of the responsibility celebrities hold in their interactions with fans. Whether on or off the screen, their behavior can leave a lasting impact. How Kajol addresses this controversy may determine her standing in the eyes of many of her fans.