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Pippa review

A Cinematic Journey Through History

Cast: The cast of Pippa, led by the talented Ishaan Khattar in the role of Brigadier Balram Singh Mehta, delivers stellar performances that bring the characters to life. Supported by a skilled ensemble including notable names like Rajat Kapoor, Priyanshu Painyuli, and Mrunal Thakur, the cast contributes significantly to the film's authenticity and emotional depth.

Summary: "Pippa" (2023) is a riveting biopic that unfolds the untold story of Brigadier Balram Singh Mehta, portrayed by Ishaan Khattar, commanding the 45th Cavalry tank squadron of the Indian Army during the intense 1971 war against Pakistan. The script masterfully navigates the complexities of war, patriotism, and personal sacrifice, bringing to light the courage and resilience of those who fought on the front lines. With a blend of historical accuracy and emotional depth, "Pippa" stands as a compelling tribute to the valiant soldiers who played a crucial role in shaping the destiny of a nation.

Director: Raja Krishna Menon, known for his directorial prowess in films like "Airlift," takes the helm of Pippa, steering the narrative with a deft hand. Menon's ability to balance the emotional journey of the characters with the intensity of war scenes adds a layer of complexity to the storytelling.

Producer: Ronnie Screwvala, who has previously produced critically acclaimed films, puts his weight behind Pippa, contributing to its high production values. The attention to detail in the sets and costumes reflects the commitment of the production team to create a visually immersive experience.


Expectations: Before diving into Pippa, the expectations were high due to the combination of a compelling real-life story, a talented cast, and an experienced director. Anticipation was fueled by the desire to witness a gripping portrayal of the 1971 war, a pivotal chapter in Indian history, through the eyes of Brigadier Balram Singh Mehta.

What I Liked:

  1. Authenticity: Pippa succeeds in capturing the historical accuracy of the 1971 war, showcasing the challenges faced by the Indian Army.
  2. Performance: Ishaan Khattar's portrayal of Brigadier Balram Singh Mehta is commendable, conveying the character's strength, resilience, and emotional journey convincingly.
  3. Direction: Raja Krishna Menon's direction strikes a balance between the personal stories of the characters and the grand scale of the war, making the film engaging and emotionally resonant.
  4. Cinematography: The cinematography by Priya Seth captures the war sequences with intensity, creating a visual spectacle that enhances the film's impact.

What I Did Not Like:

  1. Pacing: While the film is generally well-paced, there are moments where the narrative feels slightly uneven, with certain scenes rushing through crucial details.
  2. Character Development: Some supporting characters could have been explored more deeply to add further emotional weight to the story.

Where to watch this movie?

I watched it on Prime video.

Recommendation: Pippa is a poignant and gripping tribute to the unsung heroes of the 1971 war. The stellar performances, coupled with the film's attention to historical detail, make it a compelling watch for both history enthusiasts and moviegoers alike. Despite minor pacing issues, the overall impact of the film is significant. I highly recommend Pippa to anyone interested in war dramas and tales of valor.

Star Rating: 4/5