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Satyam Gandhi Biography, UPSC Marskheet, Age, Family in 2023

Satyam Gandhi Biography, UPSC Marskheet, Age, Family in 2023

Are you getting ready for the UPSC CSE? Looking for some motivation? Satyam Gandhi has an uplifting story. He was one of the 761 individuals who passed out of the 10, 40,060 who applied for the examination. What's incredible about this is he was able to attain 10th place in India in his first try.


Satyam Gandhi, hailing from Samastipur, Bihar, was born in 1999. By achieving AIR 10th in UPSC CSE 2020, he became a role model for all those aspiring to make it big. His father Akhilesh Singh works for the government and his mother looks after the house. He also has a younger sibling who is studying.

Educational Qualification

He finished his education at the Kendriya Vidyalaya. Since he was a child, he was a very smart pupil and was the top scorer in his 10th and 12th grades with a focus on science. So, for his college education, he headed to Delhi. His father had to take out a loan to finance his studies there. In Delhi, he studied Political Science at Dayal Singh College, which is part of Delhi University. In the third year of his college experience, he started preparing for the UPSC exam.

Satyam Gandhi Biography, UPSC Marskheet, Age, Family in 2023

UPSC Journey

Satyam Gandhi, a 22-year-old, began his preparation for the UPSC in his third year of college. He was living in a small space in Karol Bagh, Delhi, yet this did not stop him from achieving success, making him an example to those who think that only those of a privileged background can get through the UPSC. His father had to take out a loan to finance his son's studies, yet Satyam stayed devoted to his ambitions and did not allow himself to be distracted by the luxurious lifestyle of Delhi, instead focusing on his studies in order to earn a rank of 10th in India at his first attempt.


Subjects Marks
Essay 130
General Studies-I 110
General Studies-II 112
General Studies-III 088
General Studies-IV 112
Optional Subject-I 154
Optional Subject-II 121
Written Test 827
Personality Test 201
Final Total 1028

His Advice for Others

Satyam Gandhi believes that each individual should have their own plan for tackling the UPSC exam, rather than relying on just one or a set plan. He urges people to study the exam pattern for the UPSC beforehand, with the goal of creating smaller, achievable goals. Furthermore, he recommends focusing on the topics of Economics, Polity and History for the prelims exam, as well as taking regular practice tests to keep track of progress and change your approach accordingly.