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Shrikanth Movie True Story & Real Life Character on Which It is Based

All About Srikanth Movie And Its Characters


Directed by Tushar Hiranandani, Srikanth is a heartwarming and inspiring film that tells the real-life story of Srikanth Bolla, a boy who defied the odds and pursued his goals despite his disability. The film portrays his journey of resilience, grit, and self-belief, although some creative liberties were taken to enhance the drama.

Srikanth' True Story & Real-Life References, Explained: Where Is Srikanth  Bolla Now? - IMDb

Srikanth was born in Seetharampuram, Andhra Pradesh, where his disability initially disappointed his family and relatives. Despite some suggesting his parents should abandon him, they chose to raise him. The film symbolically depicts his father's initial struggle with accepting his son's disability, which was overcome by recognizing Srikanth’s potential.

During his school years, Srikanth faced significant challenges, feeling isolated due to his disability. His father eventually moved him to a school for disabled children in Hyderabad, where he encountered further obstacles but continued to excel academically.

Despite being initially barred from studying science and facing rejection from IIT coaching institutes, Srikanth applied to colleges abroad, ultimately receiving a scholarship from Haldiram. Though he had opportunities in the US, he returned to India to establish Bollant Industries, an eco-friendly paper product manufacturing company.

The film also highlights key figures in Srikanth’s life, including his partner Ravi Mantha, his supportive wife Swathi, and the teachers who believed in him. While some events, such as the investment by APJ Abdul Kalam, might be dramatized, the essence of Srikanth’s journey and his achievements remains true.

Srikanth' True Story & Real-Life References, Explained: Where Is Srikanth  Bolla Now?

Today, Srikanth Bolla continues to run Bollant Industries in Hyderabad, overcoming challenges and making significant contributions to society. Hiranandani’s film celebrates not just Srikanth but also those who supported and believed in his vision.