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Signal 2' Confirmed After 8 Years! In 2024



Signal Season 2 Verified Eight Years Later: A Retrospective on the Original
After eight years, the highly anticipated Season 2 of TVN's popular K-drama Signal has finally been revealed! At a Rome event on Wednesday (local time), star writer Kim Eun-hee and B.A. Entertainment CEO Jang Won Seok announced the news. Together, the team, who previously worked on Revenant (2023), intends to take on a new project. Here's a look back at the original as we get ready for the sequel.

Context: The Significance of This Tale
Signal, which debuted in 2016 and starred Lee Je-hoon, Kim Hye-soo, and Cho Jin-woong, won praise from reviewers and viewers alike for its gripping plot and acting. The 2000 movie Frequency's concept served as the basis for the television series, which was inspired by actual criminal episodes in South Korea. Former author Kim had previously stated that she was interested in "telling the stories that were left untold in Signal through a second season." Season 2's release schedule has not yet been disclosed.

Narration: 'Signal': An Original Crime Drama
In Signal, a compelling crime thriller, the past and present are deftly linked by a strange "walkie-talkie." The show centres on Lee's character, criminal profiler Park Hae-young, as he uses this unusual gadget to solve a kidnapping case. As a result of this accomplishment, Detective Cha Soo-hyun (Hye-soo) forms a cold case team. They solve long-standing riddles together, but changing the past has unexpected repercussions.

Time-Bending Genius: Expert Application of Fantasy and Time Modifications
The distinctive fusion of police procedural and thriller elements, purportedly influenced by true crime stories and murder cases, is what distinguishes Signal. With the help of a unique walkie-talkie, the drama deftly weaves together two separate histories, enabling fleeting glimpses between the past and present without the need for time travel. While eschewing the cliches and plot errors common to time travel stories, the show explores the intriguing idea of altering the past to affect the future.

Perspectives: Deep Emotions and Outstanding Acts
Kim's great narrative abilities are evident in Signal, which has a strong emotional impact. Cho, Lee, and Hye-soo were among the members of the cast who gave outstanding performances in navigating the intricate plot. Cho stole hearts with his portrayal of Detective Lee as a lone wolf in a corrupt police force, and Lee stood out despite his occasional overcompensation because of his passionate acting as Park. Because of these factors, it was one of the highest-rated K-dramas on cable television, with a peak audience viewership of 12.544%.

Fans are aching for more of the gripping stories and emotional depth that made Signal such a remarkable success as they get closer to Season 2.