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The Leading Faces of Ammayi Garu:

The Leading Faces of Ammayi Garu

Ammayi Garu is Telugu television series that premiered on channel Zee Telugu. The show is available on renowned OTT platform Zee5. The show stars Nisha Ravikrishnan. Yashwanth Gowda S. Susmitha. It also features many other talented actors in central roles. The show revolves around the life of young girl Apuroopa who is devoted to achieve her father's acceptance. She agrees to marry relative he chooses for her. Her journey to be loved by her father leads to more complications. She learns of man’s crooked plans. He has no good intentions. Only selfish reasons.

The Leading Faces of Ammayi Garu

Story line:-

The story begins at point where Raju informs Roopa that Ambika has arranged visit of Roopa’s suitor’s family. Finally Roopa meets them. Only to get arrangement cancelled. Meanwhile suitor’s family arrives at Prathap’s house. They recognize Roopa. She is girl who said terrible things about Deepthi. Prathap slaps Roopa. Ambika walks away. Ruining Deepthi’s life. At last Apuroopa agrees to marry relative her father has seen for her.

But things twist. When Muthyalu suggests Raju marry Renuka. Soon Prathap meets with accident. This leaves Roopa and family in great shock. Prathap trusts Raju. He makes him in charge of his responsibilities. Until he recovers. What happens next? The rest of show deals with that.

The Leading Faces of Ammayi Garu

Cast & Crew Male:-

1.Anil Allam

Anil Allam is renowned small screen star from Gundugallu West Godavari district. Initially working as cameraman. Anil's acting career began with chance given by friend. This led to roles in over 10 movies. As well as various TV serials.


2.Sai Kiran Koneri

Sai Kiran Koneri is Telugu actor and producer known for his work in films such as "Dumshiva" and "Sherlock Sampath." He gained significant recognition. His role in "SAIDULU (The Tale Of Unsung Revolution)" films impresses many. In addition to acting and producing Sai Kiran has worked on short videos. One example is the lyrical song "Sakhuda." He frequently participates in weekly photoshoots. Shares updates on his social media profiles.


3.Vijaya Reddy

B. Vijaya Reddy was prominent director in Kannada cinema. Originating from agricultural family in Tadepalligudem Madras Presidency. He began his career as an assistant to director B. Vittalacharya. He later debuted with "Rangamahal Rahasya" in 1970. He delivered several commercial hits. Including "Naa Ninna Mareyalare." "Sanaadi Appanna" "Sri Srinivasa Kalyana," and "Mayura." Reddy also directed Anil Kapoor in "Pyar Kiya Hai Pyar Karenge".


4.Chalapathi Rao

Chalapathi Rao born on May 8, 1944 in Barripalem Guntur District Andhra Pradesh, is Telugu actor known for his villain and comedy roles. Starting his career in drama. He performed in about 100 plays. Later he transitioned to film industry. Over his career he has acted in approximately 600 films.


5.Kalluru Kondareddy

Kalluru Kondareddy is South Indian actor recognized for his contributions to Telugu film industry. His career includes notable appearances in several films. He has showcased his acting skills. He garnered appreciation from audiences.


6.Yash Gowda

Yash Gowda commonly known as Yash is renowned Indian actor. He primarily works in Kannada film industry.


Cast & Crew Female:-

1​​​​​​​​​​​.Chaitra Rao Sachin

Chaitra Rao Sachin is Indian Actress currently working for Kannada and Tamil broadcast business. Born in Konanur Karnataka. She made her debut in Kannada TV sequential "Vidya Vinayaka" alongside Kavitha Gowda. Coordinated by M.N. Jayanth. Created by Dileep Raj. She likewise acted with popular actors like Maanas Chavali. Also Vishnu Unnikrishnan Ashwin Karthik and Dileep Shetty.


2.Sushmitha Anala

Susmitha Anala prominent Telugu actress, model and social media influencer from Hyderabad gained fame for her role in 2018 film "Shubhalekha+lu." She's known for promoting beauty products. She collaborates with top brands. Leverages her popularity on Instagram. Her interests include acting. She also enjoys dancing. Traveling and vlogging.

3.Nisha Milana

Nisha Milan is actress who is part of Kannada film and television industry. She is also Indian model. Her real name is Nisha Ravikrishnan. She was born on June 9 1994. She hails from Bengaluru Karnataka. She is mostly known for her Kannada serial. Gattimela.

4.Neeraja Valisetty

Neeraja Valisetty is actress primarily active in Telugu film industry. Born in India. She has established herself through various roles. In movies.

5.Samba Sujatha

Samba Sujatha is Telugu actress known for work in the Tv Serials.

6.Meghana Sunil

Meghana Sunil is actress known for her work primarily in Telugu film industry. She was born and raised in Hyderabad. Meghana developed passion for acting. Following her debut. She quickly gained recognition for vibrant performances.

7.Nisha Milan

Nisha is actress in Kannada film and television industry. Born on June 9 1994 in Bengaluru Karnataka. She gained popularity for her role in Kannada serial "Gattimela." She played character of Amulya. Nisha has been noted for her performances. She continues to be active. In the entertainment industry.

8.Kalyana Madhavi

Kalyana Madhavi is well known actress in Telugu film industry. Aside from acting. She is popular dubbing artist.

9.Aparna Reddy

Aparna Reddy is well known figure of Telugu Television industry. Apart from that she is popular Entrepreneur. She was Chairperson of FLO India.