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This Girl From Nepal Has The Best, Neatest Handwriting In The World


We've all practiced handwriting since we were kids, hoping to improve. Beautiful practice makes an impression on the reader and provides a pleasant experience. This is why students are encouraged to practice cursive writing. People should not overlook writing competitions. With the most beautiful handwriting in the world, this Nepalese girl demonstrates that practice makes perfect.

Prakriti had no idea her writing had gone viral on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. This is the benefit of social media: people with exceptional talents, such as hers, get the recognition they deserve. There is no denying that good handwriting draws the reader in.

She possesses this incredible talent, and her writing can easily entice people. Her handwriting is as perfect as a computer font. Her letter spacing is consistent, and she has developed a new style of calligraphy.

Furthermore, the Nepalese government declared her signature to be the most beautiful in the country. Prakriti's beautiful handwriting is the result of a lot of practice; it is said that she practices two hours a day for that exquisite handwriting. Many internet users have even suggested that Prakriti's handwriting be converted into an official MS Word font and used in their products.