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Top 10 Korean Youtubers In 2023

Gym Jong Kook 

Here are the top 10 Korean youtubers in 2023.

Subscribers: 728K 
Topics: Mukbang, Food, Vlog 
Cheonddung is a rising star in the South Korean YouTube scene, gaining a loyal following with his vlogs and mukbangs. Mukbang, a growing trend in Korea, features eating shows where viewers enjoy seeing clean plates and hearing food sounds. Cheonddung's channel has quickly amassed over 3 million monthly views, and his engaging content continues to attract more fans to the mukbang movement.

King of Logic 
Subscribers: 833K 
Topics: Social Events, Random Talks 
The founder of the King of Logic channel rose to prominence after appearing in famous Korean dramas such as "Money Game" and "Accomplice." The channel's videos, which offer spoken material on important themes similar to podcasts, have resonated with users, with over 260 million views in only 10 days. The unique communication style of the creator adds depth to the channel's engaging and thought-provoking content.

Korean Home Cooking 
Subscribers: 1.04M 
Topics: Home Cooking, Recipes 
Cooking channels continue to dominate Korean YouTube, including Korean Home Cooking standing out for its basic, easy-to-follow recipes. The channel's storytelling and personal experiences woven into the video titles add a human touch, making it relatable and endearing to the audience. The channel's authentic approach has won the hearts of viewers and solidified its place among top Korean YouTubers.

One Bite of Knowledge 
Subscribers: 1.16M 
Topics: Current Issues, News, Politics 
One Bite of Knowledge covers a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, and social issues, in an engaging and entertaining way. Despite tackling serious subjects, the creators turn them into engaging content through storytelling abilities. The channel also includes entertainment-related videos, adding variety and maintaining its appeal to viewers.

Bread Unnie 
Subscribers: 1.27M 
Topics: Vlog, Lifestyle Bread Unnie, featuring 
Kim Yeon Koung, a retired South Korean professional volleyball player, offers a variety of content, including daily vlogs, volleyball-related videos, ASMR, and more. The channel's review of the anime series "Haikyu!!" from the perspective of a volleyball player was a smash, gaining over 6 million views & broadening the channel's reach.

Less Than 1 Minute 
Subscribers: 1.86M 
Topics: Tips, Daily Hacks 
Less Than 1 Minute delivers quick and easy hacks, from tech tips to home maintenance and cleaning tricks. Despite their brief duration, the videos are jam-packed with useful information, giving this channel a budding YouTube star. The channel's valuable content resonates with viewers seeking efficient solutions to everyday problems.

Psick University 
Subscribers: 1.89M 
Topics: Entertainment, Comedy 
Psick University is one of Korea's best comedy channels, earning popularity not only in South Korea but also worldwide. Their hilarious covers of popular songs, like Justin Bieber's "Peaches," with their own relatable and funny twists have garnered millions of views. The channel's entertaining content is widely shared on TikTok, solidifying its place in South Korea's entertainment scene.

This Man Cook 
Subscribers: 2.12M 
Topics: Cooking, Recipes 
This Man Cook offers mouth-watering recipes and easy home-cooked dishes that captivate viewers. With videos regularly hitting over 1 million views, the channel's close-up shots and high-quality content make it appealing to food enthusiasts and home cooks alike. The channel's popularity is further boosted by the rising trend of cooking-related content since the pandemic.

Shuka World 
Subscribers: 2.6M 
Topics: Finance, Economy, Current Issues 
Shuka World presents significant topics such as money, politics, and current events in an accessible manner. The ex-fund manager behind the channel delivers insightful and informative content, garnering over 1 million views per video. The channel's ability to explain complex topics simply has made it one of the top breakout Korean YouTube channels.

Gym Jong Kook 
Subscribers: 2.83M 
Topics: Sports, Fitness 
Gym Jong Kook, owned by Kim Jong Kook, a singer, body-builder, and fitness enthusiast, offers workout routines, daily vlogs, and mukbangs. The channel's engaging content has quickly gained over 2 million subscribers, with guest appearances from popular Korean celebrities adding to its appeal. Gym Jong Kook's wide range of content caters to fitness enthusiasts and entertainment seekers alike.