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Top 10 Movies & Web Series Based On Female IPS Officers To Motivate You!

Top 10 Movies & Web Series Based On Female IPS Officers To Motivate You!

Cop stories, spanning from comedies to thrillers, have always captivated our attention, offering a diverse range of narratives. While the world is surrounded by powerful and intellectual women, their portrayal on screen has often been limited. However, times have changed, and the perception of female characters is gradually evolving. Women protagonists, particularly in the role of IPS officers, are breaking barriers and excelling in strong and impactful roles. Let's take a closer look at some of these empowering female IPS officer characters who are here to make a lasting impact:

1. Kavya Iyer - "Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke" on ZEE5:

Kavya Iyer
Regina Cassandra delivers a remarkable performance as Kavya Iyer, a resilient IPS officer and a single parent. Despite facing criticism from her male counterparts in a male-dominated institution, Kavya exhibits unwavering patriotism and dedication towards her nation.

2. Shivani Shivaji Roy, portrayed by Rani Mukherji in the film "Mardani 2" on Amazon Prime Video:

Rani Mukherji portrays the fearless and powerful cop, Shivani Shivaji Roy, who takes on a psychopathic serial killer. Through her unwavering determination, Shivani vows to bring the criminal to justice, showcasing the strength and resilience of her character.

3. DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, portrayed in the acclaimed series "Delhi Crime" on Netflix: 

Shefali Shah brings to life the character of DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, a tenacious Delhi police officer investigating a heinous rape case. Alongside her trusted team, Vartika takes personal ownership of the case, navigating through bureaucratic challenges to deliver justice. "Delhi Crime" received widespread acclaim, including the International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series.

4. IPS officer Amrita Singh - "Grahan" on Disney+ Hotstar:

Zoya Hussain portrays the honest and sincere IPS officer Amrita Singh in "Grahan." Tasked with investigating the 1984 riots, Amrita's journey unfolds as she discovers her own father's involvement in the tragic events. Zoya Hussain's portrayal captures the struggles of a righteous cop determined to work on her own terms.

5. Sakthi - "Vadham" on MX Player:

Sruthi Hariharan shines as Sakthi, an assertive inspector at an all-woman police station in "Vadham." When a high-profile murder shakes the city, Sakthi finds herself at the center of a complex investigation. Balancing personal and professional challenges, she emerges as a courageous and empowering cop.

6. Geeta - "Hush Hush" on Amazon Prime Video:

Karishma Tanna takes on the role of Geeta, a police officer assigned to uncover the truth behind a criminal case involving four upper-class female friends. Geeta's relentless pursuit of justice uncovers the secrets and complexities surrounding the case.

7. Meera G Deshmukh - "Drishyam" on Disney+ Hotstar:

Tabu plays Meera G Deshmukh, an Inspector General of Police in Goa, determined to solve the mystery surrounding her missing son. Meera's pursuit of the truth leads her to the Salgaonkar family, raising suspicions about their involvement.

8. ACP Catherine "Cathy" Alvarez - "A Thursday" on Disney+ Hotstar:

Neha Dhupia portrays ACP Catherine "Cathy" Alvarez, who takes charge when a nursery teacher holds students hostage. Tasked with resolving the tense situation, Cathy works alongside a team of incompatible police officers while uncovering the teacher's motives.

9. Bhumika Pardeshi - "She" on Netflix:

Aaditi Pohankar embodies Bhumika Pardeshi, an Indian Police Force officer who goes undercover as a prostitute to track down a dangerous drug lord as part of an Anti Narcotics Group mission. Balancing her professional duties with personal challenges, Bhumika strives to fulfill her mission while navigating her own complex life.

10. Kasturi Dogra - "Aranyak" on Netflix:

In the drama series "Aranyak," Raveena Tandon portrays Kasturi Dogra, a fiercely independent police officer tasked with investigating a series of disappearances, rapes, and murders. As she collaborates with a newly appointed police station chief, Angad, Kasturi must uncover the truth behind an urban legend while maintaining a delicate balance between her professional and personal life.

These empowering female IPS officer characters challenge stereotypes and inspire audiences with their strength, determination, and resilience. Their portrayal on screen highlights the evolving landscape of women's roles in the entertainment industry, showcasing their ability to lead and excel in powerful positions. With their captivating performances, these characters leave a lasting impact and contribute to the positive shift in female representation in cop-centric narratives.