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Top 10 Romance Webtoons Ever Till 2023

i love yoo

Here are the top 10 romance webtoons ever till 2023:

Nice To Meet You

Mew, a college student, goes to play a prank on a complete stranger and realises that by attempting something really ridiculous, she may have made a life-changing decision. Would it be successful or unsuccessful?

nice to meet you

I Love Yoo

Shin-Ae, who has been tormented by grief and tragedy from childhood, says she dislikes anything to do with people or relationships. Although she is comfortable with her unsocial, monotonous, and loveless existence, her way of life is called into question after she destroys an unexpected stranger's garments.

Eaternal Nocturnal

When Eve is visited by a mystery ghost one night, she discovers that her severe insomnia has been mysteriously healed. Meanwhile, Dae, the ghost dream eater, finds himself pulled to her against his will. Would this be a dream come reality or a nightmare?

Love Me Knot

Is Avery destined to a life without love, or can she create her own romance and discover her soul mate, giving the ideal shape to the budding romance around her?

True Beauty

A shy comic book enthusiast masters the skill of cosmetics after binge-watching beauty tutorials online, and her social standing skyrockets as she becomes her school's prettiest girl overnight. Will her elite position last, and how long can she keep her true nature hidden?

The Kiss Bet

When Sara Lin's good friend Patrick dares her to a wager that could lead to either love, heartbreak, shame, or all three, that is when the genuine twist in the narrative begins!

The Remarried Empress

Navier Ellie Trovi, an intelligent, fearless, and socially skilled princess, was also a compassionate and dedicated person in her personal life, positioned to be so both as Empress and as a wife. Until her spouse chooses to bring along a mistress and demand a divorce one day. Then the real drama begins! 

Let’s Play

A young single lady on her way to realising her ambition of creating fantastic video games is dealt a one-two punch when an established streamer slams her debut game. Worse, she discovers that this critic is also her new neighbour!

Age Matters

As he employs her as his assistant, a reclusive millionaire and a hopeless romantic are here to rewrite the norms of friendship, love, work and the best way to clean someone's flat.

So, I Married the Anti-Fan

How far would you go to eliminate the person you despise the most? Geunyeong Lee is prepared to sacrifice everything to bring down the country's national treasure, despite the fact that he has no job, no housing, and nothing to lose. But, if she gets to know Who Joon, will she be able to accomplish it or will it become much more difficult?