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Top 10 Sad, Tragic Tamil Kollywood Movies Till 2023

Top 10 Sad, Tragic Tamil Kollywood Movies Till 2023

Here are top 10 Tamil Kollywood movies known for their sad and tragic themes up until 2023:

1. Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai

Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai
Directed by S. P. Muthuraman in 1979, this film revolves around an elder brother who sacrifices everything to provide for his siblings' basic needs and education. However, when his siblings become wealthy, they neglect him despite his success as a writer. Starring Rajinikanth, Cho, Sangeetha, Jaya, and Jayalakshmi.

2. Mynaa

"Mynaa" is a love story about a man and his childhood sweetheart. The girl's family opposes their relationship, forcing them to run away from home. Along their journey, they encounter numerous challenges. Directed by Prabhu Solomon, the film features Vidharth, Amala Paul, and Thambi Ramaiah.

3. Sethu

Considered a comeback movie for actor Vikram, "Sethu" tells a heart-wrenching story. Released in 1999 and directed by Bala, the film showcases Vikram's outstanding performance. It follows the emotional journey of the protagonist and is sure to bring tears to the audience.

4. Angadi Theru

Based on a true story, "Angadi Theru" portrays the struggles of a salesgirl and salesboy working in a saree store in Chennai. They endure mistreatment by their supervisor but eventually fall in love and get married. Tragedy strikes when the girl loses her leg in an accident. Directed by Vasanthabalan in 2010, the film stars Mahesh, Anjali, A. Venkatesh, and Pandi.

5. Pithamagan

"Pithamagan" revolves around the friendship between two outcast convicts, portrayed by Suriya and Vikram, who face challenges from a local drug lord. The film takes a tragic turn when Suriya's character is killed, leading Vikram's character to seek revenge. Released in 2003 and directed by Bala, the movie features Vikram, Suriya, Laila, and Sangeetha.

6. Moondram Pirai

Directed by the legendary Balu Mahendra in 1982, "Moondram Pirai" is an evergreen film. It tells the story of a heroine who loses her memories and behaves like a child. The protagonist takes care of her, but the climax brings a tragic twist. Starring Kamal Hassan, Sridevi, and Silk Smitha.

7. Porkkaalam

In Cheran's 1997 film "Porkkaalam," Murali, Meena, Vadielu, and Manivanan portray characters caught in the struggles of a poor potter. He faces difficulties arranging his sister's marriage due to her deaf and mute condition. Although he manages to accumulate enough money for the dowry, further obstacles arise from their father.

8. Kadhal

"Kadhal," directed by Balaji Sakthivel and starring Bharath, Sandhya, and Kadhal Dhandapani, received numerous awards for its direction and story. The movie depicts the love story of two young individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds who elope and get married. However, their situation takes a tragic turn when the girl's father discovers their secret.

9. Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer

Released in 2013 and directed by Suseenthiran, "Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer" revolves around a group of college friends who become intimate during an overnight trip. Soon, the girl realizes she is pregnant, and they struggle to hide it from their families. The film takes a poignant and heartbreaking turn towards the end, leaving the audience deeply affected. The movie features Santosh Ramesh and Manisha Yadav in lead roles.

10. Kattradhu Thamizh

Starring Jiiva, Anjali, and Karunas, "Kattradhu Thamizh" explores the story of a young Tamil postgraduate who grows increasingly frustrated with society and the futility of his job. Over time, he descends into a state of psychological instability, becoming a psychopath. Directed by Ram in 2007, the film delves into the dark and tragic aspects of the protagonist's life.