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Top 10 Shows On YouTube TV 


YouTube has many amazing web series and shows. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Shows on YouTube TV. 

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When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions - It is a Discovery Channel HD documentary kind of mini-series from 2008. It followed the American human spaceflight from the first Mercury flights. In this series, the 50th anniversary of NASA is celebrated in the 6-hour documentary. 

Killing Eve - Directed by Damon Thomas, it is quite an extraordinary story of an M15 agent. This Story is quite engaging and has a lot of twists and turns. 

Yellowstone- It is a popular drama series that stars Keven Costner as the powerful patriarch of a Ranchester family. Helmed by Taylor Sheridon and Stephen Kay, it is among the best shows to watch on YouTube TV. 

Charmed - Helmed by Stuart Gillard, is the story of two sisters who meet their elder sister after the death of their mother. This series is quite engaging and also among the Top 10 Shows on YouTube TV. 

Savage Kingdom - Directed by Brad Bestelink, it is a popular show set in the African plains and each episode of this series is narrated from the perspective of a single predictor. 

Friday Night in With Morgan - The storyline of this story is set across a husband and wife sharing the various acceptances of their knowledge during the time of social distancing. 

Undercover Chef - Helmed by Alex Van Wanger, the story of this show revolves around a Chef who visits different restaurants and helps them to identify their problem. 

Animal Fight Night - It is an engaging series that shows what happens when survival is a challenge. And this show is a compilation of Animal Fights. 

Origin - It is a 2018 show that revolves around the story of some ambitious individuals who decide to take the opportunity to start over on a different planet. 

Euphoria - It is an American translation of an Israel drama of the same name and is also among the top shows to watch on YouTube TV.