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Top 5 classical dances performed on popular hindi songs

Exploring the Dynamic Fusion of Indian Classical Dance with Bollywood and Contemporary Music.

The elegant and poised movements of Indian classical dances are widely admired and appreciated. These dances are characterized by intricate gestures, meticulous attention to detail, and precision, and have carved out a distinct and unique identity in the realm of dance. Typically, these dances are accompanied by the rhythmic beats of traditional instruments such as the tabla, sitar, and sarangi, which are specially curated and produced for the occasion. However, classical dances are also frequently choreographed to Bollywood songs and other types of music.

We have witnessed some exceptional classical performances set to some of the most iconic and beloved songs.

O Re Piya – Shades of Kathak

There isn't a single miss in Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's discography, and his song "O Re Piya" has captured hearts since its initial release, retaining its position as a favorite among many. In a delightful Kathak choreography performed by the Shades of Kathak group, consisting of Vaidehi Lachheta, Nandini Goyal, and Uditi Singhal, the trio donning stunning attire effortlessly matched every rhythm and melody, leaving the audience mesmerized.

Aaoge Jab Tum – Sukruti Airi

Sukruti Airi created a classical dance cover of the song "Aaoge Jab Tum" which was choreographed and performed while sitting down. This type of choreography involves only the upper part of the body moving, and Sukruti Airi's graceful body control and gentle movements were truly stunning. She conveyed the story with delicacy in every gesture and expression. The dance cover seemed effortless and even therapeutic. This artwork by Sukruti Airi is definitely worth cherishing.

Srivalli – Team Nrityam

The talented performers Shristi Maharjan, Arsia Manandhar, and Riyana Manandhar from Team Nrityam have presented a Kathak dance cover on the song Srivalli. Their coordination was exceptional, and their high energy levels were simply stunning. The dance cover was dripping with grace and elegance, and once again, Team Nrityam has set a new standard.


Mere Dholna – Nidhi and Neha

The song "Mere Dholna" from the movie "Bhool Bhulaiya" is a popular one and was used in a pivotal scene. Vidya Balan performed a classical dance to this song, and since then, many choreographies have been created to it. Nidhi and Neha have choreographed a semi-classical Bharatanatyam dance cover to this song. They performed with great enthusiasm and passion, and their dance cover was filled with sparkle and shine.

Lagan Laagi Re – Vishaka Saraf

Lagan Laagi Re, one of Amit Trivedi's most iconic songs, was the inspiration for Vishaka Sarraf's choreography and dance cover. She incorporated a blend of freestyle and Kathak, displaying her creativity in the process. The video of the dance cover is captivating, with stunning shots and mesmerizing elements. The videography effectively captures Indian culture, including Vishaka's dance moves and the architecture surrounding her.