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Untold Facts About Abhishek Bachchan & Karishma Kapoor's Love Story

untold facts about abhishek bachchan & karishma kapoor's love story

In Bollywood films we have seen two royal families make their bond well built by the wedding of their young ones. The same case happened in real life as well when the Bachchan’s and Kapoor’s tried to tie knots. There is no denying Bachchan’s and Kapoor’s are two royalties among many others in the industry. After the wedding of Big B’s daughter Shweta Nanda with Nikhil Nanda who is Raj Kapoor's grandson, the two families mutually decided to make Abhishek and Karishma get married but the plan didn’t come out that well. For a time period of more than five years, they were deeply in love with each other, and today they eveb barely see eye to eye with each other.

The dating rumors of Abhishek Bachchan and Karishma Kapoor began steaming after the marriage of Abhishek’s sister Shweta Bachchan with Karishma Kapoor’s brother Nikhil Nanda.

Even after admiring each other at the wedding of their sibling Abhishek and Karishma took baby steps and started their love journey as best friends.

Soon after the two best friends of the industry began hanging out together and took their relationship to the next level. They tried their level best to keep their relationship under the wrap but didn’t manage to keep it away from the media’s eye.

Post getting into the public eye, the couple held each other tightly and dated each other throughout 5 years. Viewing their bond Lolo herself made the announcement of her engagement saying, “It feels wonderful to be a part of this family."

But as per it was Babita’s wish to provide financial stability to her daughter which made the drift into heaven. Post separation from Randhir Kapoor, Babita raised both her daughters all by herself and hence, this was the cause, she didn’t wish her daughter Karisma Kapoor.

Another basis that media highlighted behind the break up of the duo was Abhishek’s period of struggle. Babita was quite insecure about her daughter as at that time her daughter was kind of ruling the industry and junior Bachchan was still attempting to gain stability and even the Bachchan family was going through a very rough patch.

It is also suggested that Jaya Bachchan also had a role in his son and Karisma’s breakup. To have better control over Abhishek’s life, actress Jaya asked Lolo to leave her rising acting career to tie the knot with junior Bachchan.

Till date, both of them, or their families have not disclosed the actual reason behind the breakup, but it seems like they as well as their families moved on a long time ago.