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4 Reasons to Buy Yellow Kurta for Haldi Function


Haldi is a Hindu festival in which women prepare themselves for the upcoming wedding season by applying various herbal preparations. It's believed that haldi helps improve skin health and ward off diseases by keeping the body clean, energetic, and healthy and so a yellow kurta for haldi ceremony is traditionally special. Haldi powder is made from coconuts, turmeric (a yellow pigment), and other herbs that are mixed with water to form a paste or paste mixture to be applied on the skin for over an hour so that it dries into a protective layer on your skin called kajal.


  • Elegant and graceful: The colour of the kurta should be light so that there are no problems in weather conditions like sweating or heat. A kurta for haldi function can also be paired with casual lower slacks for an evening party at home for your wedding, when it's necessary to wear something elegant but not too heavy that would spoil your mood and make you feel uncomfortable in such a hot condition. The length of the kurta is also perfect in that it doesn't cover your legs completely but covers them partially, just at the knees. This will make your legs look longer and slim than if you were wearing a long dress. The yellow colour makes it suitable for all skin tones and does not look dull like some other colours.

  • Great for summer: You can wear your yellow kurta for haldi ceremony during the summer months. It’s lightweight and airy, so it will be great for those long days when you feel like you want to sit outside with your friends. The light colours are best for summer because they keep you cool but don’t weigh down your body or make it difficult to move around. If you have a jacket or shawl ready, then this is an easy choice. If you want to wear your kurta during the fall or winter months, then a heavier fabric will be best. You can also opt for patterns that have a lot of dark colours in them so they look more like jackets than kurtas.

  • Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear: A yellow kurta is a great option for summer weddings and all skin tones. Honestly, a kurta for haldi function should be lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear. If you want to look good in your traditional attire but don't want a heavy cotton kurta then this is the right choice for you.

  • Classy and sober: If you are buying a yellow kurta for haldi ceremony, keep it classy and sober. Yellow kurtas are a great choice for summer as they can be worn with any kind of outfit depending on your mood or occasion. It is also lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear. Whether you’re going out in the evening or attending an event at home, the yellow kurta will look great on you.


So, with love and authenticity, here is the conclusion of this article. This particular guide has gone through some of the reasons why a kurta for haldi function is such a great choice. It is light, comfortable, and easy to wear. In addition to this, it can be worn with any other outfit as well. So, if you are looking for something that will look classy but still maintain its originality then AmalaEarth’s special yellow Kurti is something that should be in your wardrobe.