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Top 10 Denim Brands For Women In 2022

Top 10 Denim Brands  For Women


Fashion comes and goes but what remains still is the denim. Denim is considered the most preferred cloth piece by women for daily wear making it important to belong to a good brand. so, we have brought you a list of top denim brands for women:

  1. Levi’s

How can we start the list without mentioning Levi's? It is believed that Levi’s invented jeans. They have been making jeans for ages and making space in any modern women's wardrobe. 

  1. Rag & Bone

It is the bonafide cool kid of jean brands. You can find traditional English tailoring to classic American casual wear in high quality and comfort in just the right way with them.

  1. Lee

Lee brings comfortable and timeless office wear to casual wear for weekend antics. It is the only brand that understands why the best woman’s jeans are meant to be worn again and again?


This is a street-wise brand allowing the jeans to attain an exceptional depth and vibrancy of colours. They have a rigid fit, good quality, and are incredibly soft.

  1. Citizen Of Humanity

They have an eco collection of jeans made of organic cotton. Not only does it looks good on you, but you’ll also be loving to wear it too. This brand is a leader in reduced waste manufacturing processes.


There are two types of jeans: good and great. Great is what this brand offers. They are designed in high quality to compliment any and all-female figures. They take all the best looks of our favourite 90s supermodels.


It is a premium jeans brand that has thrift store vibes. It offers authentic denim made by master craftsmen making it sustainability a priority.

  1. Gap

If you still like the times of the 90s, then you are just going to love this brand for giving you what you have been looking for. It is among the most beloved denim and at one of the most accessible price points.

  1. Mother Denim

It is an Indie inspired brand, created in L.A. with a range of modern fits. It has a variety from funky modern flares to color-blocking washes, each piece having a small story.

  1. Amo Denim

This is an L.A.created brand by Kelly Urban and Misty Zollars that lines a vintage collection in denim that fits effortlessly.