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Top 5 Latest Churidar Neck Designs

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Churidar Neck Designs is something that you want to definitely try. So, here we have brought you a list of top latest churidar Nech designs that you’re going to love.

  1. Simple Chinese Collar

It is an easy neck design to style your simple cotton suit. This is a popular choice among women who enjoy smart clothing since it gives you an upscale and attractive appearance.

  1. Mandarin Collar with Buttoned Closure

An intriguing pairing is an A-line kurta with a Mandarin collar. Once more, this looks lovely with gowns made of silk or cotton and chanderi. Consider a buttoned enclosure similar to this one and let the small details rule.

  1. High U Neck

If you've always preferred high necks to deep ones, you'll be delighted to know that you can now purchase them by the dozen as one of the retro fashions that are making a comeback!

  1. Collar Neck

A short kurta with a plain collar and cowl or Patiala pants, or a long kurta with palazzo or cigarette pants, look really stylish.

  1. Choker Style Neck Design

Chokers are most likely the biggest 90s trends to have returned, and fashionistas throughout the world are overjoyed to see them again. Our ethnic labels are also. Who would have imagined that an Indian kurta or salwar would look good with a choker-style collar?