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Top 7 Fashion Illustrators On Instagram In 2022

fashion illustrator

Fashion Illustrators are perfect to add a new culture and trends to your Instagram feed. So, here we've rounded up some of the top 7 fashion illustrators accounts to follow right now on Instagram.

  1. Megan Hess @meganhess_official

She is an Australian fashion illustrator who was hired to illustrate all the previous copies of Candace Bushnell's best selling book, Sex and the City. She works for luxury brands and makes detailed illustrations.

  1. Sheets Malhotra @shwetamaMalhotra

She is a Mumbai based graphic designer with 15 years of experience. She describes her design aesthetic as minimal, bold and graphic. She is a part of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI), an organization of the world's leading graphic designers.

  1. Julie Houts @jooleeloren

She is a full-time fashion illustrator with success on her Instagram. Before this, she worked as a women wear designer at J Crew. Her illustrations are filled with hilarious commentary and are found much relatable by viewers.

  1. Helen Downie @unskilledworker

She is a self-taught illustrator and was first observed by Nick Knight via Instagram. Since then she got to work with some famous acquired brands and collaborated with Gucci.

  1. Martha Haversham @smallditch

She started her fashion illustration projects back in 2018 on Instagram. She began creating accessories and outfits with everything. Gradually, gained success in her stream.

  1. Doll Memories @Doll_memories 

She is a fashion inspiration in one gloriously beautiful Instagram feed. She draws perfectly fitted heels and outfits you wish you own.

  1. Blair Breitenstein @Blairz

This is a beautiful collection of shots straight from the catwalk, paintings and her drawings. It's easy to say why she has such a big family of followers.