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Top Made in India Shoe Brands

Top 10 Leather Shoe Brands In India In 2022

There are multiple brands when we think to buy something. Choosing the most appropriate  one is the most difficult task. Stylish shoes is loved by all and there are varieties from which we can opt. The individuals wear shoes for a variety of reasons, including fashion, social prestige and obviously foot protection. It is the most significant item that we use through out the day.

Choosing the correct pair is the most challenging for anyone trying to buy. And you will be glad to know that India’s footwear market is one of the world’s biggest. Indian brands have started creating their own trends which has changed a lot the market style of Indian market.

Here is a list of shoe brands that are of made by Indian:

  1. Liberty

There is no second name to strike when it comes to Indian shoe brand. Liberty Shoes made their debut in the market in 1983. It became a Public Limited Company in the year 1986. The company has expanded with time and stepped into the manufacture of leather and non – leather goods.

  1. Khadim’s

The next brand of shoes made in India is S.N. Footwear Industries Pvt Ltd. Earlier, they were only involved in wholesaling and distribution of pre- existing branded footwear.

After earning stability in market, they also involved themselves in retailing and established themselves as a popular fashion footwear brand.