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A How-to Guide on Wearing Women’s Jeggings Perfectly


If you are searching for pants that mix style with comfort, you cannot go wrong with a pair of jeggings. Jeggings for women offer exceptional versatility and can be styled for a number of occasions, such as workdays, weekend outings, social occasions, and more. Here, we share our guide on how to wear jeggings for an adorable and highly fashionable look. But before getting into it, let’s share some basic things about this clothing piece with you.

A How-to Guide on Wearing Women’s Jeggings Perfectly

Why are Jeggings Good for Women?

Jeggings are an effective mix of both jeans and leggings. They are very popular, all thanks to their outstanding combination of both style and comfort. With the stretchy, soft feel of leggings and the cool appearance of regular jeans, this finest pant style is one you require in your wardrobe. Not only are they flexible and can be styled year-round, but they also offer the same appearance as your preferred skinny jeans with the ease of a comfortable elastic waist!

How to Know if Jeggings Have the Best Fit?

Before you know what to style your jeggings with, it is essential to make sure they fit well. Otherwise, you will not attain your required look!

Normally, jeggings for women have a thinner, stretchier, and softer feel than conventional jeans. They are not as stiff or rigid and delineate your body shape. Also, they appear best when worn tightly against the leg. It gives an impression that you are styling a pair of skinny jeans while providing the comfort of leggings.

Selecting a proper length for your jeggings is also essential. Jeggings that are very short can appear somewhat ungraceful and put you in the wrong place, while jeggings that are very long can accumulate and develop an unfavourable look, making you appear short-heighted than you are. Usually, the best place is only above your ankles, which makes a uniform and complimentary look.

What Tops Make the Best Pair with Jeggings?

When wearing jeggings, it is important to remember that they will not provide as much coverage as conventional jeans because of their less stiff and thinner material. Several women choose to club their jeggings with longer tops that assist in hiding lumps and bumps (in addition to any seeable underwear lines) and make a more sleek outline and flattering look.

Matching your tight jeggings with a fitted top can look clashing. Usually, a flowy top that separates the body appears best and assists in balancing your complete look. Even if that is a baggy T-shirt, tank top, blouse, or something else, it depends on you!

When we talk about jackets, you can either highlight the cosy feel with a loose and long design, for example, a longline cardigan or make a more refined and dressier attire with a cropped or modified clothing piece, such as a blazer.

What are the shoe options for Wearing a jegging outfit?

As your top is an important part of your appearance, always keep in mind your shoes! When making your attire with jeggings, your footwear must not be a second thought. Fortunately, jeggings are very flexible and can be matched to a number of footwear options.

Throughout the warmer seasons, match them with flats, sandals, or mules for a beautiful appearance and to beat the heat in style. For winter months, club your jeggings with boots. Even if your choice is knee-length boots, ankle boots, or thigh-high statement-creators that will look stylish on your jeggings, boots will make the best choice.

When it comes to intermediate seasons, you can go with a beautiful pair of white canvas sneakers. Casual and cool, this footwear is the best option for weekends. Since heels or wedges can work for dressier events, make sure you balance your look with a flowy top!

While various footwear choices work well with jeggings for women, some don’t. We suggest staying away from chunky footwear, such as flatform sandals, combat boots, wide leather sneakers, etc. On the whole, if you do not wish to look like you are putting on clown shoes, make sure to ignore chunky or wide shoe designs.

How Can You Make Jeggings Appear Good?

The key to making jeggings appear well is working with what you have. With their slim and tight-fit look, jeggings almost delineate your legs, highlighting their shape in the process. If you have beautiful legs that you wish to flaunt, it is good to match your jeggings with a unique top that ends at the hips and allows your look to take centre stage. Just keep in mind that you should wear underwear without invisible underwear lines.

If you do not want to show off your legs, try matching your jeggings with a longer top that ends all over mid-thigh or just over your knees. You could also think about styling a colour or print on your top half so it will turn out the best of your attire and take the attention off your legs. Similarly, if you consider your bust to be your best attribute, try a scoop, V-neck, or low-cut top to harmonise your appearance.

Tips to Wear Jeggings in 2024

There are a number of ways to style jeggings in 2024. Go through some of the best below, and you can recreate them with your individual pieces.

  • Ensure your jeggings are fitted well and end just over your ankles.
  • Club your jeggings with flowy and long tops to equalise their slim appearance and compliment your figure.
  • Go for thin footwear over wide options.
  • Put on jeggings with a tee, sneakers, and a jacket for a flawless weekend appearance.
  • Style your jeggings with a statement top and heeled boots for drinks, dinners, and a lot more.


Jeggings are a significant addition to each woman’s clothing collection. Flexible, stylish, and cosy, they are the best go-to choice and can be adorned in a variety of ways to get a beautiful look. To get the best pair of jeggings, you can shop the selection of jeggings for women now at Glamly and start rocking in these amazing pants!