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Fabcurate Curtain Fabric Review

We moved into our new home a few months back & were on the lookout for some good quality, posh-looking curtain fabric. The drapes in the living can either make your room look classy & stylish or can totally ruin the look of the place. We were very particular in sparing no expense & effort in selecting the right fabric for our curtains. A google search led us to Fabcurate. They had a really wide range of interesting designs, which came across as modern & stylish. The wife finally selected one of their designs & the total bill came to around INR 6000.

The curtain fabric arrived within two days of placing the order. 


First Impressions

The material was just as good as it looked on Fabcurate's website. It really felt like a premium quality product. The wife then went on to give the fabric for stitching. 

The finished product was delivered to us after a week by our local tailor. We put up the curtains in the living room over the weekend.

Our Verdict

The curtain looked awesome after we put it up. Several of our guests Who saw the curtains too complimented us for the curtains. We were really happy with the choice we made. We would definitely recommend Fabcurate to people interested in buying fabric for their curtains, sarees, dupatta, men's clothing, etc.