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Traditional Dresses Of Men & Women In Maharashtra With Pics


Maharashtra, the biggest state in India, is well-known for its mixed-culture literature, cuisine, Marathi folk music, Lazim dance, and several festivals, including Ganesh Chaturthi and Gudi Padwa. The majority of people make their living from agriculture and fishing. Geographical areas with diverse cultures, customs, and tourism sites have seen a rise in their popularity. The City of Dreams has a distinct history, distinct fashion sense, a touch of the West, many cultures, and even large corporate empires. Vibrant hues and gold jewels immediately spring to mind when thinking of traditional Maharashtra clothing. Maharashtra's traditional or everyday clothing has a highly pragmatic and grounded style.

Maharashtra has a diverse range of civilizations, customs, languages, dance styles, dialects, and even clothing. Many groups have developed their styles of attire.

Traditional Dress of Men in Maharashtra:

1. A dhoti
Maharashtrian males are often fond of donning dhotis. A dhoti is a saffron- or cream-coloured item of clothing that is often made of cotton. Since they are unstitched, proper dimensions are not necessary. Wear it snug or loose, depending on what feels comfortable. Maharashtra's Nagpur district is well-known for its assortment of dhotis.

2. A Kurta or Shirt
The typical Maharashtrian male outfit is a dhoti and kurta combo. Since cotton is typically used to produce this type of clothing, it is comfortable—especially in the summer. Wearing a kurta is fairly pleasant because of the state's warm-to-hot environment. Usually made of grey or white fabric.

3. Pehta
A headpiece, sometimes called a topi, pagris, or head cap, is called a pehta. The fabric used to make it is often cotton. In Maharashtra, males are required to wear pehtas to shield their heads from sunlight.

4. Bandi 
It is a waistcoat that they could sport infrequently. It's a jacket or coat with no sleeves that's worn over shirts or kurtas. The waistcoat completed the ensemble and gave it a formal appearance. They are carefully made to make Maharashtrians feel good about themselves and confident in public.

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Traditional Dress of Women in Maharashtra:

1. Sarees
In Maharashtra, the saree trend dates back to the era of the kings and queens. The clothing styles of Maharashtra's female population may vary. While some merely wear knee-length or as a skirt, others don full-length sarees. These 9-yard sarees have a lot of colour, gloss, finish, and embroidery. In Maharashtra, sarees, sometimes called lugade, are a typical women's garment.

2. Choli
A choli, a form of blouse or top that covers a woman's upper torso, is essential to a saree. The blouses come with or without sleeves, are short, and they feature loops in the bodice to secure both ends. Women's clothing is also composed of cotton fabric, much like that of males. 

3. Jewellery
Women in the state of Maharashtra use jewellery such as mangal sutra, green bangles, earrings, and a hare (necklace) with various stones. Some ladies even wear rings on their fingers and toes which enhance their feet and hands.