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XYXX - A Good Premium Innerwear Brand?


Indian markets are replete with innerwear brands. But, the options in the premium innerwear segment are quite limited. Barring a few brands there isn’t much for the Indian male to choose from. Luckily, a new homegrown brand - XYXX has recently made a mark for itself in the premium innerwear segment. 


I found this brand via a google search for a premium & comfortable innerwear brand. That’s when I stumbled upon this brand. I found their website to be very convenient. The website has a good UI. I ended up buying a white vest & a black t-shirt for a total cost of approx. INR 1500. It was delivered to me within a span of 3 days - just like any other online retail brand. 

black t-shirt

Upon unpacking, I was happy with the vest design. It was quite unique compared to the other brands that I had used earlier. I touched the vest & could make out that the fabric was indeed worth the premium I had paid for it. I wore it to work the next day. It was fitting very well & was very comfortable. I wore it the entire day & faced no issues whatsoever. I could easily make out that the fabric used by XYXX is way more premium as compared to the other innerwear brands.


Upon returning from work, I tried on the t-shirt. The t-shirt too felt like it was of premium quality. I felt no discomfort while watching TV on my sofa or even when I went to sleep. 


The t-shirt & the vest had no issues even when I put them to wash. 


If you are price-conscious then XYXX is probably not for you. But, if you are ready to pay a bit more for a premium quality Indian-made product, then XYXX is a truly good brand. I would suggest you give it a try!