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Best Breezer Flavors In India In 2022


People often mistake Bacardi Breezer, which was introduced in 1993, for a simple fruit drink, but it's so much more. Breezer is a fruity, alcoholic beer that is popular during parties, especially in the summer. This Bacardi brand has made a big impression on the Indian youth. Many fresh and unusual cocktails are made with these fruity alcoholic beverages. Lemon, peach, pineapple, apple, ruby grapefruit, lime, orange, blackberry, watermelon, cranberry, coconut, raspberry, blueberry, pomegranate, strawberry, and mango are just a few of the flavours available in Bacardi Breezer. We've put together a list of the 12 Breezer flavours you should try so you can figure out which is the greatest Breezer flavour for you.

Here is a curated list of best Breezer flavours that you can try this summer:

1. Mango


Mango is a popular summer fruit among many people, particularly Indians. What if we told you that a fresh Alphonso mango punch could be found in an alcoholic beverage? That's what the mango flavour of Bacardi Breezer is all about. One of the best Breezer flavours for summertime enjoyment or making mango-flavored cocktails.

2. Peach


It's the perfect summer drink because of the mellow and calming taste of peach blended with moderate alcohol content. This Breezer flavour is also wonderful for mixing with Rum and Vodka to make a variety of unusual cocktails. If you're having a pool or beach party with friends or family, this cocktail will make it twice as enjoyable. Make sure to sample this, one of the best Beerzer flavours on the market.

3. Cranberry


Cranberry is one of the most popular and best-selling Bacardi Breezer flavours in India. This flavour has a zesty flavour that will delight your taste buds. It is also used to make wonderful cocktails, in addition to providing a relaxing buzz and refreshment throughout the summer. This beer is readily available at liquor stores in the market.

4. Lychee


Yes, you read that correctly: Bacardi Breezer also comes in a tropical lychee flavour. This Breezer flavour is a touch sweeter than the other options. If your guests drink alcohol as a sweet refreshment, you can surely provide this to them. If you enjoy litchi as a fruit, you must try this flavour.

5. Pineapple


A pineapple-flavored Breezer is all you need on a hot summer day in India. Breezer pineapple flavour is sweet and zesty, making it a joy for your taste buds. It's finest served chilled with spicy appetisers or in refreshing tropical cocktails. Another Bacardi Breezer flavour to try on a hot day.

6. Orange


A great choice for individuals who enjoy drinks with a sweet and zesty flavour. With a dish of spicy finder foods, the drink is quite refreshing and chilled. You should definitely try this orange flavour or include it into party beverages.

7. Blackberry


You've probably had blackberry ice cream, but have you ever tried blackberry beer? The Bacardi Breezer has a fantastic blackberry flavour. This Breezer has a distinct flavour, with a tinge of sweetness and a hint of berries. You must try this cocktail from your neighbourhood booze store.

8. Strawberry


Although this drink may seem similar to the cranberry version of Bacardi Breezer, the flavour and taste are quite different. For everyone who enjoys strawberries, this is the perfect summer drink. To get the greatest effects, use it to make cool cocktails.

9. Jamaican Passion


Jamaican Passion is another popular Bacardi Breezer around the world. This drink is tart and silky at the same time, with a flavour of almonds and citrus lime. Many people's favourite Breezer flavour over the years has been this one.

10. Lime


This lime-flavored Breezer is a wonderful combination of mouthwatering citrus taste and sweetness. On a hot sunny day, we Indians adore lemonade, but when you make it more flavorful and add some alcohol, it's on another level. You'll thank us later if you try this on a sunny day.