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Must Try Breakfast Egg Recipes In Winter


During winter, all of us need to have breakfast egg recipes so that we have a warm and healthy body. Regular egg eating helps us in getting more protein in our bodies. Sometimes we like to have Indian healthy egg breakfast recipes to have a good start in the early morning.


1. Bread and Omelette:


Requirements- A loaf of Bread, 2 eggs, butter, and cheese.


Ingredients- Black pepper, salt, chopped veggies like onions, capsicum, chilies, and tomato.


Steps -


Step 1: Cut the loaf of bread into equal slices.


Step 2: Heat the pan with some butter on it. Then heat those equal slices of bread on butter as per requirement.


Step 3: Take another frying pan and break two eggs into a cup.


Step 4: Heat the pan with a little bit of sunflower oil on it.


Step 5: Give the chopped veggies in the cup and then give some salt and black pepper as per

the taste of it.


Step 6: Spread the mixture in the cup on the hot pan with oil and flip it occasionally for frying it properly.


Step 7: Spread the cheese on the bread and then serve the hot omelette with bread as per requirement. Your healthy morning breakfast is ready.


Now we are going to look for a heavy egg breakfast recipe useful for all those who go to their job early in the morning and miss their lunch sometimes. The recipe is –


2. Egg Rice Recipe:-


Requirements: Rozana Basmati Rice, Eggs, and Vegetables


Ingredients: Salt, chilli flakes, and sugar.




Step 1: Take Rozana Basmati Rice in a container and wash it nicely.


Step 2: Take water as per cups required for the required amount of rice.


Step 3: Boil the Rice until it is prepared.


Step 4: Strain the water out and the rice is prepared.


Step 5: Take a frying pan and heat a little bit of refined oil on low flame.


Step 6: Break two eggs and scramble the eggs on them. Add chopped vegetables, salt, and chilli flakes to it.


Step 7: Then add the rice and mix it properly. Add some sugar to it to enhance the taste along with salt.


Step 8: Serve it hot and have a great breakfast.



Eggs can be prepared in a variety of tasty ways, including poaching, frying, scrambling, and boiling. However, you shouldn't just stick to the same old recipes; instead, you should attempt something different that the whole family will like. Try these recipes today!