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Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Mumbai in 2022

In the gastronomic world, vegetarians are frequently overlooked. But here's the thing: we live in a country where roughly 28% of the population refuses to consume meat. It's no surprise, then, that restaurants are recognizing this niche and developing more vegetarian-only menus – some of which are pretty inventive. We've compiled a list of the 10 greatest vegetarian restaurants in Mumbai, ranging from age-old traditional restaurants to modern vegan eateries. We're not talking about vegetarian "friendly" restaurants here; these are full-fledged vegetarian establishments. These are the ideal locations to invest your appetite in, whether you're a staunch vegetarian or in need of a meat detox.

1. Burma Burma: As the name implies, this is one of the city's few restaurants serving true Burmese cuisine in a charming Burmese setting. If you're a fan of Khowsuey, Burma Burma offers a variety of delectable options. Don't forget to wash it down with a cup of black or oolong tea.

2. Vedge: Many vegetarian families frequent Vedge, which has big interiors and a menu that includes both Indian and global cuisines. You can order delicacies from Thailand, China, North India, Mexico, and Italy, all of which are prepared to perfection. The menu has a lot of unique options, from the Paneer tossed in chili garlic oyster sauce to the Paan Supari martini.

3. Oye Kake: This is an excellent location to go if you're looking for some dhaba vibes in the center of the city. Oye Kake serves you North India's most delectable delicacies, from Chhole Bhature to a variety of flavoured lassis. A special mention goes to their Kake Di Thali, which embodies the Punjabi practice of consuming as much as one can.

4. Status Veg Restaurant: In a simple, rustic environment, this well-known vegetarian restaurant in South Mumbai serves the best of South Indian, North Indian, and Gujarati cuisine. If you're coming for breakfast, have their Ghee Mysore Masala dosa and some Idli chips to accompany it. They also provide a variety of traditional desserts, such as Malai Kulfi and Gulab Jamun.

5. Candy and Green: This establishment appears to be as healthy as the dishes on its menus, which are both green, clean, and appealing. Candy and Green offers many keto, vegan, Jain, and gluten free vegetarian alternatives, ranging from their nutritious Wholesome Bowls to their Farm Fresh salads. They are also recognized for inventing healthier versions of Indian street cuisine, such as the Kale Chip Chaat.

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6. Govinda’s restaurant: The famed buffets at Govinda's restaurant require careful planning, so skip a meal (or two) before going. While the atmosphere is modest and archaic, it seems to encourage you to focus on the only thing that matters — the cuisine. Starters like Strawberry Dhokla, sabzis like Paneer Kali Mirch, dals, breads, and desserts make up the spread.

7. Spesso Gourmet Kitchen: Spesso Gourmet Kitchen welcomes its visitors with hardwood furnishings and lovely lighting. This restaurant is best known for its Italian meals, but it also has some fantastic Mexican and European alternatives. But it's the dessert selection that should really get you thrilled – the in-house bakery does an excellent job of making your mouth swim (just take one look at their Gooey Chocolate cake).

8. Gughan Supreme South Indian: Many students shuffle in and out of this traditional South Indian eatery before and after their morning lessons. The restaurant maintains its original style with wooden statues and warm lamps. Order their Tamilian Gughan Supreme Thali, which is served on a banana leaf and practically impossible to complete, if you're up for a tasty challenge.

9. Santé Spa Cuisine: This tiny eatery hidden in the center of Bandra Kurla Complex offers guilt-free dining. Even a pizza here will taste healthy AF, thanks to organic ingredients and vegan and gluten-free options. The dessert menu has something for even the healthiest sugar babies, with items like Low Fat Jamun cheesecake and Black Wasabi ice cream.

10. Quattro Ristorante: Quattro Ristorante is the only eatery in town that will give you a Quesadilla that you will never forget. Their Italian dishes are equally as delicious as their Mexican offerings (the Lasagne Fritta is a case in point). It's a terrific setting for a special date night because the seating is intimate and the lighting is warm.