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Nutralite Butter VS Amul Butter


We all like to have butter as a companion to our bread. Different people have different opinions on this. In this article, we will discuss some real facts about Nutralite Butter and Amul Butter. 


  1. Amul Butter is made up of around 80 % of milk whereas Nutralite Butter is made up of MUFA, PUFA, and saturated fats. The amount of saturated fat in Nutralite is less than the Amul Butter. 
  2. The Nutralite Butter is made with fats which are derived from plants which makes it ideal for people who are health conscious. People suffering from heart disease are advised to use it as an alternative to butter.
  3. Talking about Nutrilite margarine, there's no content of cholesterol in it and it's quite safe for people who have high cholesterol. However, preservatives, artificial colors, and harmful chemicals are present in Nutrilite. That's why it is not completely safe for your health. 
  4. Because of the extremely solid form of Nutrilite, it contains more trans - fat which is carcinogenic and mutagenic. 
  5. Talking about the variations in taste, Amul Butter tastes better because of the addictive substance called diacetyl in it. 

So, this article was all about discussing the facts about Nutrilite Butter and Amul Butter. Both of these have their pros and cons. All the important facts about them are included in this article.