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Top 7 Sandwiches in Mumbai in 2021

Apart from the fancy Western, Subway sandwiches; there are many street-style sandwiches that directly touch the soil of the foodies. The city is Mumbai is seen to be the hotspot for the Vadapavs and the buttery-cheesy-loaded vegetable sandwiches. These Vadapavs are often found at every railway station and also at the outside of every college.

But, interestingly apart from the vada pavs, there are many other sandwiches which a person must try once in their lifetime. Here are 7 of the sandwiches:

1. Cheese sandwich at Bikaner Sweet and Namkeen, Multiple Outlets: This sandwich has built a strong fan base, which has got its outlets in various parts of Mumbai city. This cheese sandwich is served with mint and chilly chutney and is garnished with cheese which adds more cheesiness to the sandwich.

2. Melting sandwich at Cafe Amigos, Thane:

This sandwich is loaded fully with cheese, which people can’t resist. This stretchy-string cheese-loaded sandwich makes it a foodie-favorite of the Mumbaikars.

When ripped apart, the sandwich exhibits the cheesy filling which is the specialty of this particular snack. Thus, it has been slowly bringing up a fan base of its own.

3. Cheese Masala Toast at Jay Sandwich, Bandra:

This sandwich at Bandra is loaded with cheese and packed with Masala, with ingredients that range from aloo masala, tomato, capsicum, onion, and many other items. This sandwich is best served with mint chutney, which adds refreshment to it.

4. Double Trouble Grilled Sandwich at Akkad Bakkad Bombay Boo, Kandivali:

As quoted by Keanu Reaves, “Life is good when you have a Good Sandwich”, this particular sandwich has been winning hearts and is gradually building up a fan base of its own. 

5. Veg. Grilled Sandwich at Lucky Sandwich, Parle:

This sandwich is considered to be one of the best-grilled sandwiches offered at the lucky sandwich, Parle. This sandwich is most often preferred by vegetarian people, which never fails to satisfy their appetite.

6. Masala Cheese Toast at Raju Sandwich, Church gate:

This masala cheese toast is perfectly loaded with aloo masala, tomatoes, onions, and a lot of cheese. Seasoned with crunchy sev on top and sided with garlic chutney, thus adding on great taste to it.

7. Melting Grilled Sandwich at Say Cheese, Charni Road: 

This cheese sandwich is loaded with melted cheese which makes it’s the most stringy cheese sandwich. It has become one of the most loved cheese sandwiches amongst the sandwich lovers out there in Mumbai. Grilled to perfection, it exhibits a clear artwork of cheese and bread with veggies inside.

Thus, these were some of the most famous cheese sandwiches in Mumbai. One definitely should try out these, as they are missing the extraordinary taste of sandwiches offered b these sandwich outlets.