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Facts About Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh

Facts About Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh

The Madhya Pradesh state in central India's Sidhi district is home to the Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary. It was founded in 1978 and covers a region of around 478 square kilometers. There is a fairly dense dry deciduous mixed forest covering the sanctuary, which is home to a variety of animal species. It is one of Madhya Pradesh's most distinctive protected areas, and the state government looks after it.

Flora and Fauna at Sanctuary

More than a hundred different plant and animal species have been found at the Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary. In the sanctuary's dry deciduous mixed forest, giant creepers, mango groves, orchids, teak trees, and many other trees predominate. Additionally popular are khair, dhawda, and tendu. Hyenas, wild boars, black bucks, cheetahs, chinkaras, deer, sambars, panthers, tigers, and other creatures are among the sanctuary's main wildlife. The area is also home to some endangered faunal species.

           When to visit a sanctuary?

The months of November through June are the best for visiting the Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary. The closest airport is in Khajuraho, while the closest train station is at Rewa. The closest bus stop is Sidhi Bus Station. Roadways are another option for using vehicle transit to get there.

Accommodation near Sanctuary

There are two cool suites in the Bagdara wildlife reserve, so you can take advantage of the opportunity to spend the night in the wild. A forest rest house is also present.

Other Visiting Places Near the Sanctuary

There are advantages to visiting places other than the Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary. Other tourist destinations, such as other sanctuaries, are close by. We heartily urge you to visit the Goura Hillock, which is home to some magnificent rock drawings.