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Top 10 Online Plant Nurseries in India in 2023

Top nurseries

Presence of plants not only bring luck and warmth into the home, but they also leave a lasting impression of beauty. If you intend to purchase plants then you should try these Top 10 sites to buy plants online.

Flower Aura


Flower Aura started as an online flower delivery service. It is an online portal from where you can buy any type of best plants online. They had flower plants, air purifier plants, lucky plants, and more. You can gift these beautiful plants to someone on their birthday or anniversary. If you are also looking for an online portal to buy plants then Flower Aura is one of the best online nurseries.



Amazon provides you with a wide variety of options to buy. They provide indoor and outdoor plants at affordable prices. From small juicy to Bamboo, Flowers, decorative plants, shade trees, and roses, buy any plant and decorate your home in a green way and make yourself feel fresh.



Setgreen is one of the best online nurseries to buy plants. Setgreen provides various services like maintenance service, green lawn development, balcony development, and more. You can choose seeds, indoor and outdoor plants from this nursery.

Nursery Live


Nursery Live was established in 2014 in Pune. Now it is India's largest online nursery that provides seeds, fertilizers, bulbs, utensils, pebbles, and more. Their products reach in two days.

Plants Guru


Plants Guru offered a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants. Their plants are available at affordable prices which makes them one of the greatest choices for customers. You will get everything from here to get a new look at your home.



Thinking of starting gardening for the first time! Then Ugaoo will be the right choice for you. It has a well-developed range of low maintenance of small to large plants, from decor to cleansing plants. Ugaoo offers you a 16,000 variety of merchandise in seeds, plants, pots, and more gardening equipment.





You will be amazed by the variety of options available on this website. You can get any plant from air cleansing to lucky plants, cactus plants, peace lilies, and snake plants. FNP has more than 400 stores available across the country.

Joginder Nursery


Joginder Nursery introduces itself as New Delhi's top landscaping and horticulture company. Since 1936, they have worked in the field of landscape horticulture. They have completed some highly significant and well-known landscape projects over this time, which are displayed on their website, WWW. They also had the best selection of large flowering trees, flowering shrubs, foliage plants, ground coverings, bougainvilleas, junipers/thuja, English roses, giant exotic palms in drums and pots, etc.



Shopclues had a wide variety of seeds and bulbs. This nursery offers you a choice to buy from many types of plants such as Holden money plants, nursing homes, hybrid money plants like Lucky Bamboo plants, Ajwain green leaf plants, Golden pothos, and more. You can also shop for attractive pots and planters to give a different look to your home.



The 2016 monsoons saw the introduction of the website To give people a healthier life with cleaner air, less stress, organic food, and a significantly more happy existence, mybageecha nursery was discovered. They provide a variety of gardening tools, information, and services at your doorstep.