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Common Monsoon Diseases & Tips for Prevention


Monsoons are all set to arrive in India. Generally, we experience monsoons between July and September. However, this year monsoon has knocked our doors early. They have arrived and gave us a break from the scorching heat of the hot summers. It is also known as the season of the flu. Monsoons are regarded as the most fertile breeding season for harmful micro organisms. The risks of infections is higher during monsoons because of humidity, mud and stagnant water. Thus, we should improve our lifestyle and follow hygienic living conditions. The primary medium via which common diseases transmit during monsoons are:

Mosquitoes, water, air and contaminated food.

Some common monsoon diseases and tips for their prevention are:

  1. Mosquitoes borne diseases:

These diseases are very common during monsoons because mosquitoes are the primary medium for transmission of any disease. India face a huge burden of mosquito borne diseases.

  1. Malaria:

This is a life threatening disease and is caused by plasmodium parasites. They are transmitted through the bite of infected female anopheles mosquitoes.High fever, sweating, body ache are some of the common symptoms.