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Reason Why Men Should Avoid Weating Tight Underwear At Night

Reasons why men should avoid wearing tight underwear

 As Indians most of us have grown up without privacy at their homes, and as a result, we have developed an unhealthy habit of wearing tight underwear at night. Even when most of us know that wearing tight underwear at night before going to bed is not a healthy practice. According to research, wearing tight underwear before going to bed is not a good practice for the body's well-being and hygiene.

Here are some findings of the research:-

1. Doesn't allow proper breathing.
India is a tropical country which remains hot during most of the year, which results in sweating, itching and other heat related problems.
However we know that sweating is good for our body as it keeps our body cool but sweating considerably affects your intimate areas, which are the places that demand the freshest air and breathing room.
Wearing tight underwear at night while sleeping results in collection of sweat in the intimate area causing germs to grow, foul odour to increase, and other skin issues.

2. Impacts sperm health
Many studies have found that men who wear tight underwear all day have much greater amounts of fragmented DNA in their sperm and it might endanger the sperm health due to warmth and continuous pressure.

3. Comfortability
A sound sleep is essential for a sound mind it is said that if a person doesn't get a good sleep then they are not able to give their best in any work.
Wearing tight underwear at night can affect your quality of sleep as it results in irritation in the intimate area making you uncomfortable.