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Side- Effects of Drinking Too Much Red Bull

Red Bull is one the highest selling energy drink. It is everyone’s favourite drink and any party is incomplete without red bull. Nowadays there is trend of energy drinks. It helps to replenish energy and boost mental and physical stamina. Let’s take a look at the side effects of drinking too much red bull:

  1. Diabetes

Red bull contains sugar in it and excess intake of sugar can be very dangerous for health. It can increase the risk of diabetes. A single can of red bull contains around 29 grams of sugar in it.

  1. Damage Teeth

Red Bull is an acidic beverage and we all know that acidic beverages can damage the outer coating of our teeth. The outer coating of the teeth prevents tooth decay.

  1. Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Research shows that one can of red bull can increase the blood pressure and heart rate levels within 90 minutes and up to 24 hours after consumption. Due to high amount of caffeine present in red bull, the risk of damage to heart increases.

  1. Caffeine Overdose

Nausea, Vomiting, Anxiety, Dizziness, trouble sleeping, rapid heart rate, etc are symptoms of caffeine overdose.