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Top 6 Common Health Problems In The Elderly And Tips To Manage Them


When a person enters their old age, good health becomes prominent over time. But somehow, they are accompanied by several common health problems. It’s normal to experience these problems with growing age.

  1. Malnutrition: this condition is undiagnosed after the age of 65. It can root in depression, loneliness, or limited social interaction. This condition can be prevented by having a complete and nutritious diet and timely meals including fruits, and vegetables.

  2. Cognitive skills: a decline in memory, forgetting people’s names, problems in recalling facts and information, difficulty in focusing on objects, sensitivity to glare, clouded vision, etc. There is no cure for this condition but doctors will be able to manage them with medicines.

  3. Sexuality: sometimes with an increase in women's age, they experience vaginal dryness making intercourse uncomfortable. Men may have a more difficult time obtaining an erection.

  4. Oral health: Oral hygiene is an important factor to be considered in elders. The issues include gum disease and mouth cancer. Regular checkups are the only solution to this.

  5. Mental Health: Depression and Anxiety are common with an increase in age. Having a socially active life with friends and family can actually help in getting this condition worst.

  6. Constipation and Bladder Control: With the coming weakness in the different organs, these diseases approach. Maintaining a healthy diet and controlling diet can help in this condition. Apart from that, elders should be open enough to discuss this with their doctors.