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Top Benefits of Sprouts for Weight Loss


Sprouts are loaded with dietary fibre and are plant based protein sources which is very healthy. The sprouts helps in weight loss. They are the greatest source for someone who wants to maintain their diet and lose weight. There are other benefits of sprouts such as, it helps to improve satiety, a perfect source of protein in our daily routine. Above all, preparation of sprout is very simple. They are also rich in calcium, enzymes and various other minerals along with protein and fibre.

Some of the benefits of sprouts for weight loss are:

  1. Loaded with fibre

A study shows that 100g of sprouts contains 1.8g of fibre. The sprouting process increases the fibre content more in barley than in canola seeds. It helps in providing satiety and reducing food intake. By lowering our appetite it helps us to reduce our weight.

  1. Low in calories

Sprouts are extremely low in calories. Only 30 kcal of energy is present in 100g of sprouts. Low calorie diet with a daily sweet snack leads to a reduction in body weight, hip circumference, waist circumference and body fat percentage. So, indulging oneself in cooked or raw sprouts salad will surely help us in reducing weight.

  1. High in Protein

Raw and lightly cooked sprouted grains or legumes are a good source of plant based protein. The sprouting and germination process also increases the amino acid profile of grains which is important for overall health improvement. It also improves digestion.