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Know About The Yogena Chittasya Mantra In English

Maharishi Patanjali

The "Yogena Chittasya" mantra, also known as the "Mangala Mantra," is a traditional Sanskrit shloka often recited at the beginning of yoga classes and spiritual practices. This mantra is a tribute to the sage Patanjali, who is revered for his contributions to yoga, grammar, and Ayurveda. Chanting this mantra is believed to invoke blessings and create a positive atmosphere for learning and practice.

Lyrics and Translation


Yogena chittasya padena vacham

Malam sharirasya cha vaidyakena

Yo apakarottam pravaram muninam

Patanjalim pranjalir anato’smi


English Translation:

I respectfully bow down with folded hands to Patanjali,

The best among sages,

who removed the impurities Of the mind through Yoga,

of speech through Grammar, And of the body through Ayurveda.

The "Yogena Chittasya" mantra is a powerful invocation that pays homage to Sage Patanjali's contributions to the fields of yoga, grammar, and medicine. Reciting this mantra at the beginning of a yoga practice or spiritual study can help set a sacred and focused intention, honoring the wisdom and teachings of the ancient sage.