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Top 5 Baby Car Seats In India In 2022

Being a mother is really an awful experience with a lot of responsibilities for the child, self, and the family. Balancing all these factors is what builds a supermom. Thus, while having a car ride- b it grocery shopping, or a visit to the doctor, or going for a vacation with the baby, a mother should be smart enough to select a suitable baby seat to be installed in their car for a safe and comfortable journey for the baby.

Moreover, while shopping for a baby seat, one must take note of the following key points in order to select a proper seat for the baby:

  • Safety- a five harness ( 2 shoulder straps, 2 waist straps, and 1 in-between the leg)
  • The durability of the baby seat.
  • Feasibility in use and portability of the seat.
  • Value for money
  • Ease of installation into the car seat
  • The adjustability of the straps- as the baby would grow gradually; the baby seat must be capable enough to last for bout 4-5 years.

Thus, keeping the points under consideration, there are some of the baby seats which definitely make up the go-to for many baby seat enthusiasts. These are:

  1. LuvLap

Ensuring the safety and comfort of the baby, LuvLap Sports Convertible Car seat has proved to be the best Baby Car-seat. The Car seat from LuvLap is a convertible car seat that can be easily used as Rearward Facing (for babies of 0-2 years), and Front-facing (for toddlers (for the age of 2-4 years). Moreover, it is featured with a 5-point harness which ensures the safety of the baby and also conformability, provided with extra-soft padding to nullify the bumps on the roads. Thus, it is a better option to make the car a baby-safe car by equipping it with the LuvLap baby car seat.

  • Certified in accordance to the European Standard (ECER44/04)
  • Ideal for baby with a weight of 0-18kgs can be installed has both Rearward and Forward-facing
  • It is suitable for group 0 (0-15 months) as well as Group 1 ((months-3 years) baby.
  • It has a 3 position reclining system, which provides better sleep.
  • The harness is equipped with soft padding, as well as it is provided on the head and seat as well for providing optimum safety.
  • Has 3 reclining positions:2 in forward-facing and 1 in rearward-facing reclining level.

This car seat from LuvLap is priced at Rs. 7195

  1. R for Rabbit- Jack n Jill Grand

This car seat is India’s First Convertible car seat which can be used for babies of age 0-7 years and has the ability to hold up to a weight of about 25kgs. This car seat can also be used for toddlers of age 0-2 years, from Group 0 in a Rear-facing position.

Most of the car seats from the R for Rabbit are available in three groups, namely- Group 1 ( 0-2 years of age), Group 2 (2-5 years of age), and Group 3 (for 4-7 years of age). Thus, Jack n Jill provides car seats to children up to 7 years of age.

This baby car seat is priced at Rs. 5274.

  1. Chicco – Gro Up 123 Baby Car Seat

The Chicco baby car seat is a product of quality and sturdiness, which provides great cushioning to the user. It has a weight of about 9kgs and has the ability to hold up to a weight of 9-36kgs.

This baby car seat is designed for the groups 1/2/3 but is not meant for group 0, i.e. 9kgs.

Moreover, it has a 3D breathable fabric that is designed for comfort and has padded side wings.

This baby car seat is priced at Rs. 19,900, which is comparatively expensive, but is one of the best convertible car seats for toddlers.

  1. Graco- High back Turbo Booster Car Seat

This baby car seat is very much suitable for toddlers that have a weight of 13-45kgs or are of about 38-45 inches. The sturdiness and the long-lasting ability of this car seat are really a go-to feature of it. The seat has a fully adjustable headrest with open loops belt, which is really helpful for the children in learning self-buckle. This car seat has a total weight of about 4kgs but can hold up to a weight of 456kgs.

This car seat is priced at Rs. 8880, and is an affordable good convertible car seat.

  1. MeeMee- Car Seat cum CarryCot with Thick Cushioned Seat

This car seat can be used for toddlers of 1-4 years and is considered to be the ideal car seat for infants. It has an adjustable seat, and one in the reclining position which is really comfortable, and has a 5 point harness. Moreover, it is facilitated with a pitch control system that controls the forward movement of the child, thereby adding uniqueness to it. The ease with which the seat can be installed and also the padding provided really makes it a perfect selection for infants.

This particular baby seat is priced at Rs. 4799, and can be used as both a convertible car seat as well as a carrycot.

Thus, there are some of the baby car seats mentioned above. One can choose from the list and ensure safety to their baby as well as comfort while traveling.