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Top 7 Handmade Soaps In India In 2021


Let’s look into the 7 soap brands which deliver quality and magic to your skin, as promised for the health of your skin.

Throw away your ordinary soaps and try out these!!

Compared to soaps which are prepared with the industrial methods such as the two-in-one shampoo and body bars, the special medicated soap bars which are fancy and soothing; but the ones which are prepared by traditional methods and natural ingredients are the real hype now.

The primary reason for the hype about these natural soaps is that they contain a large amount of glycerin- which is often removed in case of the soaps produced commercially. Glycerin is found to be a humectant, which is an essential component as it is able to draw the humidity to the skin thereby moisturizing it. This has been tried and tested, and thus it is helpful in ensuring a healthy skin barrier.

Moreover, these handmade soaps are much gentle to the skin as they contain very few detergent ingredients which tend to leave the skin dry and harsh. Also, these soaps are customizable according to the desires of the user, where one can add or remove the ingredients as per their wish.

The switch from plastic bottles of shampoo and shower gel might seem to be a small step towards a sustainable existence, but it’s better to fill up the shopping bags instead of the landfill areas.

For people who have problems with the dry and itchy scalp as well as skins, the natural handmade bars are great options for them. These soaps contain natural goodness such as coconut oil, and also sweet almonds as well as jojoba. Also, they are enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter as well as mango butter.

Avocado oil is found to be another ingredient, which is essential to nourish the scalp and hairs, whereas rosemary and caffeine work on the scalp so as to stimulate the growth of hair.

Whereas, people who have problems with body acne and mild fungal infections, can opt for the soaps which contain tea tree oil, which is found to be remedial with antifungal properties, and others such as neem and turmeric.

Apart from the pros, there are also some cons to the use of these handmade soaps. They often lead to waxy buildup over time, which causes rashes and itchiness of the underlying skin. Thus, the experts recommend doing a weekly hair rinse with apple cider vinegar, which helps to break down any of such coatings and thus allows the follicles to breathe.

Thus, these are some of the best handmade natural soaps available in the Indian market, which promises to deliver healthy and glowing skin with less carbon footprint.

  1. Soaps by Kadambari

The soap from ‘Kadambari’ is a mogra shea butter soap, which has a delightful smell. Shea butter holds a long list of benefits, because of its high concentration of fatty acids, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an emollient, which means that it creates a kind of seal over the skin which holds in all the hydration.

  1. Nytarra

Nytarra delivers three different varieties of shampoo bars, meant for different purposes. These soaps make use of organic ingredients, including coconut oil extracts, cocoa butter, and vitamin B5. Also, it has an anti-hair fall bar, which consists of neem powder, pine tar and rosemary, lavender, and ginkgo Biloba extracts.

  1. PaNee

PaNee soaps are beneficial in terms of their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. But it is advised or for users to run a skin test in case there is sensitive and thus it is necessary to prevent acne breakout.

  1. Almitra Sustainables

The green tea soaps from Almitra tend to calm the senses after a hard day of toiling and balancing housework with office works. These soaps are vegan and cold-processed, which are prepared by brewing green tea, coconut oil, and green tea paste.

Green tea is found to be an amazing antioxidant, which makes this soap a great one for detoxification. Also, it is known to fight free radical damage which is caused by sun exposure.

  1. Chennai Soap Company

Most of the soaps but this company, are prepared by using extra-virgin olive oil, which deeply conditions the skin. Their website has an option for customization, which is strongly opted for the calendula and oat soap bars. Both these ingredients are known for their skin-soothing properties and, when merged with shea butter these are found to treat the dry, itchy sensations.

  1. Earthy Sapo

The Reetha shampoo bar from this company consists of all the natural goodies which are strongly recommended for the hair. Other than this, it packs some other powers which are useful for hair cleansing and strengthening, such as the Bhringraj, methi, and Brahmi; with a good load of glycerin.

  1. Mud and Moon

The handmade soaps by Mud and Moon consist of eucalyptus oils, which deliver a spice to its smell and thus make it divine. Also, it has a mild exfoliating property with the inclusion of chocolate clay and French green clay. These soaps rogue out the artificial colors and dyes and instead use indigo, flowers, and natural clays so as to obtain the colorful patterns and scent6s, which make the bars irresistible.

They steer clear of artificial colors and dyes, using indigo, flowers, and natural clays to obtain the colorful swirls and scents that make their bars so irresistible.