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Benefits and Significance Of The Seven Horse Painting

Vastu Shastra has some rules about the famous seven-horse painting with the sun. It is a symbol of power, strength, peace, stability, and loyalty.

The horse is an auspicious animal in Vastu Shastra. And therefore have various benefits and significance, let’s discuss them here.


  1. The running Horse painting is a great symbol of speed. Hanging the painting in the east brings advancement and progression in the activity according to Vastu.

  2. The painting assures monetary and peaceful dependability in your life.

  3. The painting is meant to welcome good fortunes, peace, and riches in the home.


  1. The white color of the horse symbolizes Planet Moon.

  2. The gray color horse symbolizes Planet Ketu/ Rahu.

  3. The blue color horse symbolizes Planet Saturn.

  4. An orange color horse symbolizes Planet Sun.