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Facts About Cheiro - The Famous Palmist Who Predicted His Own Death

William John Warner, also known as Cheiro is a famous palm reader who is known for giving very accurate predictions about fate. He is the one who made correct predictions in his entire life including the prediction that Jews would return to Palestine and the country would again be called Israel. Let us find out some more facts about him.

  1. The Real name of Cheiro was William John Warner but later maintained in his career that his real name was ‘Count Louis Hamon.’

  2. He was the son of a parish cleric and was born in ‘Bray’, Ireland on 1st November 1866.

  3. His mother was interested in ‘occult’ so she maintained a library and handed him when Cheiro was 11. He caused a shock in the family when he wrote a small pamphlet on Palmistry at the age of 12.

  4. He visited Bombay to meet his Guru, an Indian Chitpavan Brahmin to study an ancient book on palmistry.

  5. He was reluctant to marry but was aware that he was destined to marry late in life. He finally married a woman who took good care of him during his illness.

  6. He died in 1936 while consulting his Hollywood clients.