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Top 10 Job Portals In India

Every young person's priority is to find gainful employment. People used to have to either "know someone" who could refer them to a job opening or sift through the classifieds section of the newspaper. But modernization along with digitalization has made this pretty easy to hire and find jobs via portals. Here is the list of job portals that can make your job search pretty easy.

  1. LinkedIn (

This portal is more of a networking and job search platform for professionals worldwide. 

LinkedIn has a jobs section where some of the best Fresher jobs in the world are posted on a daily basis. Applying for these jobs is as simple as a single click thanks to your LinkedIn profile, eliminating the need to upload resumes and go through lengthy procedures.

  1. Naukri (

Over the years, Naukri has grown significantly and carved out a niche for itself in the world of staffing and human resources.

Most users do not have to pay anything to apply for a job on this site. Users can sign up and upload their resumes right away; if they work in the creative industry, they can also share their websites or portfolios in their profiles.

  1. Shine (

Shine, which is owned by the popular newspaper company Hindustan Times group, has emerged as a serious competitor among India's top job portals. Several multinational corporations post their top jobs on Shine, Naukri, and other job boards in order to gain access to the best available pool of talent.

  1. Monster (

Monster is one of the world's largest job search engines and one of India's top job portals for young professionals. Monster vets and verifies the businesses that post jobs on its website. As a result, you can be confident that the advertised position and the company are legitimate and trustworthy.

  1. Indeed ( is the world's leading job portal, and it has made an impact in India as well. is a calm oasis in the chaos of most job portals, with its minimalist design and ease of navigation.

  1. Placement India (

Placement India is an excellent option for any job seeker. The portal features job postings from a variety of industries, including IT, Education, Hospitality, Telecom, and Real Estate.

  1. ( is a subsidiary of It is well-liked for its user-friendly design and ease of use. A unique feature of this portal is the ability for candidates to post multiple resumes, each tailored to the industries to which they are applying.

  1. Glassdoor (

It's an excellent resource for new employees to learn about how the company operates and what flaws they should be aware of. Glassdoor also has a number of job postings. It allows you to update your resume and select your job preferences in order to find work.

  1. Upwork (

Are you the one looking for flexible working hours? Then, Upwork is the best option to opt for. It is one of the best job portals for freelancers in the country. This job board based in the United States has experienced jobs from all over the world. The best part is that the pay for these jobs is on par with international standards.

  1. JobSarkari (

Given that not everyone can relocate to the big cities in search of a corporate job, government jobs are the best option for the rest of us. JobSarkari is one of the most popular government job portals in India, as it is the only site that automatically updates when a new opening is announced by the Indian Railways or public sector banks.