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Top 10 Richest Families In India In 2022

India gave birth to many millionaires families coming from different backgrounds in the industry. Let’s have a look over them.

  1. Ambani Family

Net worth: INR 3,80,700 crores

This family is headed by Mukesh Ambani. It ranks at the top in the list of the richest family in India as well as the richest family in Asia. this family has a diverse Industrial presence ranging from Oil and Gas, and petroleum to textiles, plastics, and whatnot.

  1. Hinduja Family

Net worth: INR 1,86,500 crores

The family has various business interests in sectors such as trucks, lubricants, banking, healthcare, and cable television.

  1. Godrej Family

Net worth: INR 1,57,000 crores

The Godrej is a well-known company ruled by the Godrej family since 1897. This family is known for controlling the largest consumer goods companies in India.

  1. Adani Family

Net worth: INR 1,20,900 crores

This family controls the largest private port in India, Mudra Port in Gujarat, and gets its revenue from power generation, real estate, defence, etc.

  1. Damani Family

Net worth: INR 77,500 crores

This family owns the DMart supermarket chain and the Radisson Blu Resort in Alibaug, near Mumbai.

  1. Burman Family

Net worth: INR 67,600 crores

This family has the highest stake in Dabur company and is one of the largest players in restaurant, healthcare and other industries.

  1. Bajaj Family

Net worth: INR 63,600 crores

Bajaj Family controls the Bajaj Group which has been making motorcycles since 1926.

  1. Lohia Family

Net worth: INR 58,800 crores

The family owns the petrochemicals company Indorama which is the largest manufacturer of resins used for plastic bottles, polyester, synthetic rubber, etc.

  1. Bangur Family

Net worth: INR 51,000 crores

It is the nineth richest family in the country and the 37th richest family in Asia according to Forbes. The family's main source of revenue is Shree Cement.

  1. Wadia Family

Net worth: INR 44,900 crores

This family owns a diverse range of businesses such as shipbuilding, and food manufacturing. They are also known for owning GO Airlines Ltd.