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Top 10 Startup Business Ideas In Kerala In 2022

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Do you want to start your own business in Kerala? We’ve brought you some best startup business ideas with a very small or large investment.

  1. Real Estate Agency

Renting out and locating property renters along with planning and selling a property for rental is a new demanding business with low investment in Kochi.

  1. Medicine and BIotechnology

Kerala’s attractive biodiversity makes it the most promising area for biotechnology opening up a wide range of opportunities for medicine and pharmaceutical firms.

  1. The Jewellery Industry

Kerala is well known for its traditional and beautiful jewelry designs and is the most profitable business in Kerala.

  1. Travel and Tourism

Kerala comes under top tourism places in India which provides an idea of successful and profitable business.

Investing in the tourism industry is a really smart investment for a long-run profit.

  1. Export Business

Export business is a vast sector and a more profitable new business idea in Kerala. Vegetables, spices, and bamboo crafts have a lot of potential for export.

  1. Mineral Water Trade

Before coming to our houses, water goes through a number of water purifying processes, in spite of this, it is not always of high quality.

Tip: starting a water business requires a little capital.

  1. Food Delivery or Tiffin Service

Since the Indian Central Govt granted permission to food outlets to sell food via online platforms and deliver with the help of delivery vendors.

You can start a new business by starting a kitchen delivery service to help food outlets deliver their food safely.

  1. Textiles: Sarees

Kerala’s prosperity lies in sarees and gold. Kerala is famous for Balaramapuram sarees, made from the finest silk and natural dyes.

You can set up an online store to sell these sarees to women around the world.

  1. Digital Consulting Services

Many businesses have basic websites that need services for complete digitalization. You can help them in website designing and development, analytic services, and SEO.

  1. Trade of spices

Spices of Kerala are world-famous for their taste. Since the spices are used daily their demand for spices will continue to rise.

You can start selling Kerala’s spices as packaged products directly to consumers.